Even though Dick Morris was a “left-winger” under Clinton, he has since been “cured”  of his liberal affliction and has become one of the Rights best allies.  He makes a lot of sense and has a huge amount of insight into the workings of the Executive Branch. 

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 03/23/2011 - 1:43 pm

    You can argue with Mr. Morris on these cuts, but to do so, you would be wrong, especially with highway construction that I have mentioned a number of times. Obama’s Reinvestment Act in our town as far as I can see has just wasted Millions of dollars on roads that end up in the same place the old roads went which included extensive work that was done on roads that had absolutely nothing wrong with them.

    Stopping state bailouts is a must. Our City waste more money and they all walk around with their noses in the air like they think their something special because they needlessly wasted more taxpayer dollars. Even if we weren’t in a recession, what they are doing is just a total disrespect of taxpayer dollars. Stopping bailouts may be the only way states will hopefully realize they need to stop wasteful spending or at least make an attempt to get out of the red zone. You know, other than spending state funds on the highways, I really don’t see how they could be so far into the red. I mean where is all our tax dollars going? With all the crying the schools do about not having enough money, it’s not going to them, unless of course they aren’t being quite truthful. The only thing that comes to mind is our state officials need to stop putting so much money into their own pockets.

    PBS contributions can be greatly limited or stopped as it always seemed to me the only time they had something worth while to watch is when they were begging for money anyway. We have cancelled our cable and have no satellite as most of what is aired is nothing but trash talk, nonsense and a bad influence if you watch it long enough. We have also cancelled Sirius radio because of their communist agenda to force our listening to what they think is appropriate since we have a Black President. Sorry Charlie this isn’t Communist China yet.

    Also, bringing home all of our Military personnel would save enormous funds and would allow us to protect our own borders and shore lines.

    Shut down the government? Sure go ahead. While they are at it why don’t they clear out their desk and don’t let the door hit them in ass on the way out. I’m sure this Nation could get along just fine without them.

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