Yea you read that right.  This cannot be allowed to stand.  This is an “in your face” example of the over zealous police violating the public’s trust and rights.    ALL the officers who so willingly violated the rights of the citizens MUST be fired and prosecuted!! Click the pic for the story…


  1. #1 by Rick L. on 05/02/2011 - 9:22 am

    We had better get used to having Police States here in the United States. To protect and Serve is their Motto, but protect and serve who? The highest Law Enforcement Official in the land sells guns and ammunition to drug cartels in Mexico http://www.theblaze.com/stories/nra-ceo-calls-for-resignation-of-attorney-general-holder/. Our Police forces carry out what the government tells them to do and that includes generating bogus fines for law abiding citizens to pay for the huge debt our state officials and government have created. In all reality the Police force is just an extension of the government to “Strong Arm” the public into complying what the government thinks is good for them. This ploy to take information off personal cell phones is just another step to take away more Freedom from the American people. Freedom? Give me a break. Our government (state and federal) have written so many laws that are in effect and are writing more every day that our so called Freedom is just an idea in peoples heads that gives them a false sense of being free to do what they want. Just where can you go today or what can you today or any day without some law or regulation that controls every move one makes? And the most of the time “Big Brother” catches you on film. The only Freedom we have is to freely go to work and support the government that controls us. Just like in Communist China. Any more, the Police force does their best to set you up for a traffic violation or intimidate you to say something they can pounce on you and beat the crap out of you. Everything the Police force does today causes them to loose any respect that anyone may have for them. Like I said, they are just an extension of the government with the authority to do what they want with protection of the Law, Bogus Law. It’s communism at its best and the American people are just letting it happen.

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