This relationship must end.......

As you may know if you are a regular reader of this blog, I have “issues” with any of our Representatives going anywhere with an agenda that is kept secret, especially when it involves a country like China.  In my estimation, no long-term good is going to come of this relationship we currently have with this repressive Communist country.  So much of our manufacturing has been moved there, our own economy is suffering for it and our Politicians thought nothing of setting up the conditions making it so advantageous for our manufacturers to move their operations there.  I find it inexcusable that these “politicians” would so casually, turn their back on the USA and its workforce, in favor of building up this countries industrial base, especially since those Commies who are in power there hate our guts and are working towards our destruction.  You cannot lose sight of the simple truth, the US Politicians do not think any further that their term in office, where the Asian’s, in this case China, plans many many decades ahead and works diligently towards their goal. In this case, taking us/Democracy down.  Right now they own us to the point where they are influencing our foreign policy AND our economy.  This cannot be allowed to stand.  We voters must insist that our elected officials work towards ending our “cozy” relationship with China, and put the good ol’ US of A,  first and foremost in all considerations.  That is a must.  Click the pic for the story.

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