Here is the data that is coming out now regarding early analysis of the BC.  Check it out and come to your own conclusions.  Remember, there is a reason he has released this just now.  He had over 2 and a half years to produce this one way or another…We may have gotten the “other”.  But remember this also; If this is intentional, it is a head fake, watch his other hand.  If it is a huge gaff by whomever made this file, they really blew it.  Either way, this is sure to convolute the issue and send the Right reeling.  Maybe that is his plan, make the Right look more like a bunch of boobs………..  Whichever, WATCH HIM CLOSELY!!


Or is this the truth?

UPDATED 050911

Click here for the latest info on this bogus Birth Certificate

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 04/28/2011 - 10:01 pm

    OK, OK enough is enough, we’re all tired of the deception and all the stalling around, but it looks as though we have finally found a family portrait of our Commander in Chief (dressed in the bib overalls) long before he entered Kindergarten. Of course you may think this is a joke but a picture is worth a thousand words and those ears are un-mistakenly a family traight. Also those bib overalls were props from the photographer’s studio as he wore flip flops and a grass skirt on the way to the studio. Aloha! One has to wonder why Dad, Mum and junior are all looking in different directions. Hmmmm.

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