In reviewing HB 2044 and accompanying Senate Bill 5918, Gaming Equity And Fairness Act Of 2011, this seems to be a “no-brainer”.  The Fiscal notes outlines the huge economic benefits the State of Washington would reap upon the passage of these 2 Joint Bills at a most opportune time when Washington State is experiencing a severe fiscal shortfall.  The passage of these Bills would enable the state to collect fees from what I call, “a voluntary tax”.  Those who do not wish to pay the tax, do not play.  Those that do, play.  There is no impact to the citizenry as the state is doing nothing but providing the citizens of Washington what they want,  an end to the “Slot Machine” monopoly by the various tribes within the State of Washington.  After these Bill are passed by both Houses of the Washington Legislature, It will come to your desk for signature.  I urge you to approve these new laws and allow the 60+ Card Rooms within the state who meet the criteria outlined in the legislation, to provide Slot Machine gaming to the citizenry and the at-large gaming community of the state.  simply because the revenues gained by this legislation is earmarked as indicated in the Fiscal Notes as follows;  $3.0 million (2%) will be split equally (for fiscal note purposes) between Lottery Commission and Gambling Commission for expenses. Each Commission would be responsible to cover any additional expenses.

$755 thousand (0.5%) for problem gambling, $7.55 million (5.0%) to local governments (to be distributed proportionally to those local governments in which a house-banked card room is located, based on the total net win attributable to any card room within the

local government’s boundaries). Lottery assumes that if the card room is within a city, the local government proceeds will go to the city. If the card room is in an un-incorporated area, the local government proceeds will go to the county. The remaining amounts will be distributed as follows: $69.8 million (50%) to K-12 Education, $41.9 million (30%) for health and human services programs, and

$27.9 million (20%) for public safety programs.  So, as you can see, the financial benefits gained by the passage of these Bills are enormous, and obversely,  the risks are minuscule or very small at the worst.  Your failure to sign this legislation will send a loud and clear, definitive signal and message to the voters of this state that you really do not have the States best interest at heart, and are simply working towards some sort of personal, more important (to you) agenda.  I am watching these Bills very closely and I am tracking your actions. Your failure to sign these Bills will result in you loosing my support and vote during your next election cycle.


Sent 051511

I am writing to you in order to express my thoughts on HB 2044 and the accompanying Senate Bill 5918.  As you very well know, the Washington State Indian Tribes have held a monopoly on “Slot Machine” gaming in this state since they were allowed to build casinos in this state.  In that time, the state has enjoyed the huge amounts of revenue generated by these casinos in the form of fees and taxes that are collected from each establishments.  As you also are well aware, Washington State is now suffering from a revenue shortfall, amounting in the billions, that if left unaddressed, has the potential of forcing the State to severely curtail, if not completely eliminate some very important social service programs.  To make matters worst, the citizens of this state have made it known, in no uncertain terms, that any and all new taxes will be resoundingly rejected.  If this shortfall is not addressed in a manner that is palatable to the citizenry, the shortfall will have a huge, harmful effect on the very people who depend on them the most.  At best, effects would range from serious to catastrophic at the worst.  Your apparent unwillingness to support these two Bills, that by design are meant to help fill these shortfalls and provide additional funding, is appalling and untenable.  In my opinion, the only rational reason why you do not support these Bills, must have something to do with protecting the tribes for some unknown reason.  This in my opinion is unconscionable.  If this is true, your act of protecting the tribes’ monopoly on these machines, directly puts the citizens of Washington welfare on the line and in jeopardy.  I am sure that this simple and immutable fact will not go un-noticed by the voters of this state, who by the way, have recently helped usher in a predominance of Republican State Legislature Representatives throughout Washington State.  The only hold the Democrat party still enjoys, is in the remaining districts in the state that are along the northern portion of the I-5 corridor.  You must remember and never lose sight of the fact that those citizens also are in need of the very social programs you are putting in direct jeopardy by your actions, and I am sure, come the next election cycle, more Democrat Representatives will lose their seats, and the Democrat strangle hold on this state will cease, or at the very least, severely diminished simply because of the apparent unwillingness of the Democrats to put the needs of the people, before special, unethical interests and the groups that fund them.  So you can see, it really doesn’t matter whether you are going to run for re-election or not.  We voters are aware of your intent and it will be “The Voters”  who turn this state around and once again make the state government accountable and equitable to ALL its citizens, not just a select few special interest groups.   My self and my readers look forward to your response as I publish a popular Conservative blog, dedicated to citizen participation in our government, both at the State and Federal levels.  As with all the letters I write to my representatives, I post all, verbatim, along with the replies I get back.  This in-turn allows the Representatives to speak directly to a larger, more diverse audience, than if I withheld these same responses.  We look forward to your explanation you offer, outlining  your position on these two very important and not least of which, much needed and timely, forms of new state revenues.

 The House representatives from Washington state:

Jay Inslee (D) of District 1


Rick Larsen (D) of District 2


Jaime Herrera (R) of District 3


Richard “Doc” Hastings (R) of District 4


Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) of District 5


Norm Dicks (D) of District 6


Jim McDermott (D) of District 7


Dave Reichert (R) of District 8


Adam Smith (D) of District 9


UPDATED 053111

House OKs Chicago casino, slots at O’Hare, Midway (Looks like they “get it” in Ill. unlike Wa State politicians….)

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 05/13/2011 - 6:36 pm

    How convenient. After the state of Washington has buried themselves in debt and they can’t figure out how it happened the first thing they do is create another Bill. Bill 5918 and HB 2044, Gaming and fairness act 2011. To support the passing of this just supports their disrespect of the people and the irresponsibility of the states actions. Supporting this will only give them Carte Blanch and does not teach the state anything about the respect for money and the ones that put them in office. The ones that continue to gamble their money away, whether it be for fun or in hopes of striking it rich are fools and don’t realize what a scam gambling is, it’s a Gamble, plain and simple and they should be concerned that their elected officials will waste every penny they can get their hands on. Take a look at the enormous debt the United States is in, up well into the Trillions of dollars and our so called citizen Barack Obama is determined to make that debt even larger with no concern for anyone but himself, just like all politicians.

    • #2 by conservativeamericanvet on 05/13/2011 - 7:54 pm

      So it is ok with you that the Indian tribes have a monopoly on these in this state? Letting the private owners have these is not going to make any difference at all. The state is not going to ever take them away from the Tribes, so they get to thrive while the private owners have to struggle and lay people off, hurting them and their families. But that’s alright with you huh? You’re a bit too idealistic on this issue and really don’t understand the dynamics involved.

  2. #3 by Rick L. on 05/14/2011 - 9:14 pm

    Sure with the passing of this HB2044 and Bill 5918 other gaming venues will be able to put people back to work but on the same hand the Indian Casinos will have to start laying people off. Spreading the wealth around? Sounds like Socialism to me, just what Obama and his Cronies want for America.Well first thing, it’s only because of the Indians will to survive (which in President Ronald Reagan’s day they wanted the Indian to be more self sufficient and allowed Indian Gaming) are the Government sticking it to the Indians yet again. I can’t imagine anyone actually falling for this idea of letting the state of Washington have more money to waste. Why I can hear them thinking from here, where shall they spend all that extra money? It really makes all the Indians effort in vain and the state officials don’t need any more money to waste.
    So what’s the difference if say 100 people get a new job and a 100 lose a job or the second 100 keep their job and the first 100 still don’t work? Where’s the fairness if the second 100 have fought for their job and the first 100 just get pulled out of the un-employment line? The government has destroyed more families and put more tax burden on hard working Americans than is morally justified. This is yet another example of our government’s inability to solve the problems they have created. And besides, isn’t gambling a form of corruption? And as far as any revenue for the state of Washington, well they should have thought about that when they were elected for office, and besides any taxes generated from anywhere will be wasted yet again with no regards to its importance.

    • #4 by conservativeamericanvet on 05/15/2011 - 1:50 pm

      You cannot legislate morality. Legal gaming is here and it is here to stay. Get over it…..

  3. #5 by Jeff on 12/05/2011 - 1:50 pm

    I just found this post while doing some research on HB 2044. Would you be willing to email with me to discuss it?

    • #6 by conservativeamericanvet on 12/06/2011 - 5:27 pm

      I have no more info that I will release other than what I have published in this forum.

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