SOUTH PARK CREATORS THREATENED BY ISLAMIC WEBSITE – Ok, it’s an old story, but it is more relevent than ever now.

While the idiot that made these threats has been dealt with, there are thousands of more just like him out here in the U.S..  I really don’t know how we are going to be able to deal with this situation right now because we have an Executive Branch that is, to say the least, pro-muslim, the Federal Government will not (or cannot) take any affirmative action to combat these radicals that intend to take the USA down and institute sharia law and a muslim state here.  As long as we have a President who, as demonstrated by his demand to Israel to go back to the ’67 boarders, who is in my opinion, a closet muslim, the problem as, as of this writing, over 500 days to fester.  And yes, I spelled muslim with a small m.  It is intentional…………

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