The United States ability to influence the worlds economic course is dwindling, and new, emerging nations are stepping up to fill the void.  One of the biggest, if not THE biggest player in this “new order” is Red China.

As with most, if not all Asian cultures, the general predominant philosophy of life, is one that teaches “patients”, and usually calls for taking the ‘long look” at most situations or circumstances throughout life’s challenges and opportunities.  Whereas the United States and most other western cultures, do not, and are predominantly simply more interested in the short term and the “instant gratification” factor.  It is the short sighted philosophy and the decisions that come out of that frame of thought, that has lead the US and the rest of the industrialized western countries into the predicament we now as a nation find ourselves in.  It is this shortsightedness, coupled with the greed of our Politicians that has literally sold the United States out to the highest bidder, so to speak.  I am afraid that our elected officials and bureaucrats have been at this for quite some time.  This “selling of America” has taken on many forms, and not all emanate from the government themselves, however, the government still holds a large level of culpability in how Corporate America has gone about its business.

This culpability has in a large measure to do with creating an “anti-business” atmosphere created by Congress and the Executive Branch, building the level of bureaucracy and unfavorable lawmaking, taxing and high wages that has made it more advantageous for Corporate America to go off shore, leaving the US mainland and its worker behind.  This slow and painful “gutting” of American industry was caused by American greed chasing the all mighty dollar, in favor of just doing the right thing for the nation, and that doesn’t include shipping our industry off shore to some under-developed country, building their economy while in-turn, tearing ours down.  I don’t know about you, but I never gave my Representatives permission to do that, did you?  In my opinion, to chose to build another nation, at the expense of ours is tantamount to treason.  We find ourselves now in a situation where, when counting all of the unemployed, under-employed and those who have dropped off the rolls, we re hovering around 20% unemployment.  20 out of 100 people in this nation are unemployed.   The Unemployment rate during the Great Depression was around 24%.  This is how bad the situation is.  Only 4 more people per 100 were out of work.  All this we owe to our Politicians, who over the course of the decades have done nothing but pad their pockets in any way they can, USA be damned!  They have encouraged the wholesale sell off of Industrial America, then when the economy really tanked, they looked to our “new economic allies”, who by the way were (and still is) our traditional, philosophical enemy, Red China.

To describe our current relationship with Red China is to describe what could be the ultimate instrument of America’s doom and destruction.  Let us examine the “China” situation as it currently relates to the USA’s position in the global community.  I would love to be the little “fly on the wall” when all of the conversations and deals were made that shaped our current relationship with China.  I think I can say with a high level of certainty that the vast majority of the conversations revolved around money, with little or no regard to the American Public as a whole, with the exception of providing cheap(er) goods to the masses.  That I believe was about it.  So China embarked on the course of encouraging “cottage” business industry all over Red China.  It is pretty easy to see how well they are doing, just look at the “made in” label on most everything you buy in the US today.  The vast majority of it says “Made In China”, all by cheap labor, all with inferior materials, minimal if non-existent food safety/health standards, and regard to US Patents.  The situation has gotten so bad that the Department of Defense has reported that counterfeit replacement parts from China have found their way into the DOD procurement system.  Gee, I wonder….  If you could supply defense parts to your enemy, and make them so they would fail at a certain point, don’t you think that would give you a huge advantage over your enemy when the bullets start flying?  I think so…..  That’s how bad the situation is right now, not to mention the fact that because China owns so much of our debt, they feel they can dictate foreign policy to the US Government.  And unfortunately, this is ringing true also.  Chinese Authorities have on many instances, made their desires known in such matters as Taiwan, North Korea, South China Sea (International Waters), and several others.  I am afraid that if we low level citizens knew how much of America is actually owned by the Red Chinese, our hair’d catch fire…….  How much of our critical infrastructure is owned by them?  I want to know……

Now that the United states in an economic crisis, cuts are being made or planning to be made across the board.  Of a matter of course, so is defense spending.  Defense spending has been a subject of debate for many years.  I remember many years ago, I believe it was during the Reagan years, the “Gramm-Rudman” Amendment was passed.  This called for many base closures and/or re-alignments in order cut costs.  This was in my opinion, the fundamental beginning of the end for the free-wheeling, spend as you please, military.  Since then there has been a steady, sustained reduction in military spending across the board.  Bases have been closed, projects cut back if not completely eliminated, and while all this was happening, a slow and methodical draw down of numbers of personnel in each branch of service was started.

A new concept was put in place for the military.  It is called “The Total Force Concept”.  In order to draw down and justify the numbers of active duty personnel cut, this concept was simple.  Out of the 100% of the military, the Guard will be 1/3rd, the Reserves will be 1/3rd, and the Active Duty will make up the remaining 1/3rd of the total military force.  As you can see, this plan leans heavily on the Guard and Reserve components to make a full 2/3rd of the fighting force.  Thus today’s Guard and Reserve is tasked so heavily, and STILL, because of the financial mess our politicians have gotten us into, more drastic, deeper cuts are coming.  This time not only for the current cadre of Active/Reserves, but the retirees are going to get hit too.

Now this leads me to where we find ourselves today.  Speaking to the poor economy and its effects on the Department of Defense and national security as a whole, because the military is being cut so drastically, it is my firm belief that our national defense is in jeopardy simply because our short sighted politicians have literally spent us into bankruptcy because of greed.  We are now in a situation where formerly non-consequential countries are threatening the US with the building of Intermediate Ballistic Missiles (build by Germany with the aid of Iran).  These missiles will be used, if successfully established to threaten the United States, something that has never been done from the western hemisphere.  And, in the event of an all out attack, we have little resources to mount a defense without resorting to nuclear weapons.  As far as I can tell, the best equipped army right now is the run of the mill, 2nd Amendment loving, American Citizen.  What Yamamoto said about attacking the US is still true.  To paraphrase, “There is a gun behind every blade of grass” (sic).  One fact I find to be very troublesome is the fact that even our Military Leaders, who have been appointed into prestigious,, high positions, are cowing down to the Administration and going along with the proposed drastic cuts.  These professional military people have sold out all the military people, for a position, rather than stand up to the King and say, “The King Has No Cloths On,” for the good of the country.


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