What is the point of having a Constitution, Of The People, By The People, and For The People if our Congress will not abide by it, let alone enforce it against an Executive Branch that is demonstrably out of control?  Well, judging from what I have witnessed these last several years, there is not much point to having it.  When our elected Officials, whether they be a Congressman, Senator, President, Vice President, Cabinet Member, or for that matter, any other high level, mid level or low level bureaucrat, can look at the Constitution as if it were just a “collection of suggestions”, we are no longer a Country of Laws.  We are a country, a peoples, being governed by tyranny.

As a nation we now find ourselves standing at THE crossroads of our nation, and our cultures future.  We literally must decide whether we turn left, or we turn right.  Whichever way we as a nation decide, one fact is blatantly clear, turn we will, but in what direction? If we complete the turn to the left, that would mean that we are satisfied with the “status-quo”.  We evidently are happy that the “Representative Government” is no longer representative.  We are happy that our government is choking off industry, making it almost impossible for them to be profitable in an America that is “regulated” to the point of strangulation.  We are happy that our basic rights, as outlined in The Bill of Rights, are under constant attack by the very people who took an oath to “Protect, Preserve, and Defend” that very document.  We are happy that our President has taken us as a Nation, down a path not traveled before.  A path that is leading the United States into meritocracy at best, where the notion of “American Exceptionalism” is a dead, bygone, an antiquated ideal.  We are happy with the direction our moral compass is pointing.  Up is down, left is right, right is wrong and wrong is right, light is dark and dark is light…..  Or we turn Right.  Turning right will mean that we as a nation agree that our moral compass is broken, and financially, the USA is a wreck looking for someplace to happen.  We will expect our Representatives to make the changes needed to get this country back to it’s moral and ethical obligations and expectations.  We demand that we return to a limited government concept and foundation.  We demand that we return to an economic path that is sustainable and not short sighted.  We demand that our Elected Officials abide by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  We demand that the TSA and the EPA be reigned in, restricted and controlled with the abusers in those systems being punished.  The TSA cannot be allowed to further ‘grope” the flying public and those in that organization that thinks flying is a “privilege” need to get tossed out on their asses.  The EPA and its rogue Administrator need to be abolished.   We demand that the DOJ, TSA, EPA, and ALL the other governmental agencies be “un-politicized” and be returned to limited scope and authority.  For example, shotguns for the Department of Education?  Huh?!  We demand that all of Obama’s Executive Orders be rescinded or repealed.  We demand that OBAMACARE be abolished/repealed in its entirety, if it survives the Supreme Court.  In fact we demand most of all of the Democrat agenda items in the 110th and 111th Congress be repealed.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Now do not misunderstand me.  I am not advocating doing anything that is going to negatively impact anybody simply because of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, or age or any other protected classification of peoples.  What I am advocating is a return to the rule of law.  It is that simple…..

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