In a recent article I read on “The Hill” website, it outlined the current state of the closed door “negotiations” being conducted by Vice President Biden with respect to raising the dept ceiling and deficit reduction.  I must tell you that I am exceptionally leery and skeptical of any non-security related meetings that are “closed-door”, especially since this is how “ObamaCare” came to fruition.   I have written you on several occasions expressing my concerns regarding Tri-Care and the possibility that the budget will be balanced on the backs of the Vets and Military Retirees.  You have replied to my concerns stating that you will resist all efforts to further erode the retirement benefits that I worked over 20 years to get, that, by the way, was promised to me all those years ago.  In the years since my initial enlistment, which was in 1975, I have bared witness to the steady reneging on the Governments part, of the retirement benefits of those serving this nation.  You as a Representative of Congress, and as a body, must never lose sight of the fact that each and every man and woman who served and are currently serving in the military are volunteers.  They/we have volunteered to defend this great land, with our lives if need be, in order to preserve the American way of life.  That act alone, is worthy of honor AND backing and support of the very government we defend.  It is my sincere prediction that if Congress once again, turns its back on the military members and further erodes the promised benefits of those who serve, you will see a steady, unrelenting decline in the numbers of people who will be willing to “volunteer” and stand up for this once great nation.  I dare say, Congress is not contemplating a reduction in their retirement benefits, are they?  Are you?  You have to serve a much shorter time to get your benefits that I had to, yet you are fully vested after 5 years and will retirement with full benefits.  I am unable to find any information regarding the medical benefits that are afforded you and others in Congress. I am troubled by that fact.  The lack of information on this subject is troubling at best.  Could you enlighten me and explain/outline the medical benefits afforded both serving and retired members of Congress?  My readers have the right to know what we tax payers are paying for, especially when it involves the pay and benefits of those we choose to send to Washington DC.  Bluntly stated, I will accept a reduction in benefits when Congress does the same.

In closing, I continue to urge both you and the rest of the Conservatives in Congress to strongly resist any further changes in the military benefits that would either lessen services or cause an increase in “out-of-pocket” expenses of the retirees or any other class of military vets.  It is immoral for a nation to punish the very people whom you rely on to protect this great country.  When I signed my contract with The United States of America, way back in 1975, the government promised me certain things if I kept up my end of the bargain.  Well, I did, will the USA do the same and keep its end of the bargain?  So far, it hasn’t.  It is up to you to restore what is rightfully ours.  The next election cycle is just around the corner for you and your re-election is not guaranteed.  I sent you to DC for a reason and that was to stand up for me and be my voice along with the other thousands of Vets who rely on your support.  I am expecting you and your like-minded Conservatives to do just that.  Do not “cave” into those who wish to further erode the militaries pay and benefits just to make a “deal” and make political points by trying to look like you’re being ‘bi-partisan”.  You are our shoulder to the dike, holding back the tide.  Stay the fight, make those who wish to do us vets harm, blink first.

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