The “Cops” in this video are in my opinion, traitors and thugs.  This is exactly what the Left wants.  They want to keep all their dirty dealings and backroom deals AND public deception secret.  There is no reason for this conduct in a Democracy and our Republic.  I hope this goes viral fast…


  1. #1 by rogueoperator on 06/27/2011 - 8:08 am

    The Democratzi’s are finally getting what they want. We better take heed, and start mobilizing to oppose these scum.

  2. #2 by Billy Ray Edwards on 06/28/2011 - 2:51 pm

    I attended this meeting and I have a problem when a reporter insert himself in to a story and become a bigger event than the issue he came there to cover, drivers walked out before the most important question was ask by Mr Ron Betha to the dc taxicab commission. He ask what is the process and when do the re-writing of title 31 the law that govern the dc taxi industry become Law, Ms Reed answered in 45 days and need No Approval from the DC City Council, when working dc independent taxicab/owner/drivers have no decision or input in Re-writing this law that the DC Law said that we should Have. This is the story that should have been reported to dc taxicab/owner/driver that came from else where and did not know the process, if Pete Tucker, had not put his self in this story his journalistic integrity would not be in question with African American DC Taxicab/Owner/Drivers.>>Billy Ray

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