AMERICA AT THE PRECIPICE – FEMA Partners with Homeland Security on Psyops Campaign


I cannot help but wonder, what if; …the entire US Congress and the surrounding political structure, is all a ruse, meant to deflect the average Americans attention away from the real “truths” that control the destiny of this country?  What if, all the posturing, on all sides, is nothing but a thick smoke screen, hiding the real agenda that the real and powerful elite are working at?  I ask these questions because there seems to be a common thread that runs through the apparent “public” goings on with our Elected Officials.  And that common thread is, I get a sense that each and every Man and Woman in Congress seems to be holding back information.  Make no mistake, I am aware that there are some in Congress, especially those on defense related committees who do have knowledge of classified, sensitive information that cannot be divulged due to security concerns.  However, what I am concerned about is the fact that, especially now, we have what I call “rouge agencies”, prime example, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), that continually publishes reports where they basically demonize the average American, and no one in Congress steps up and challenges those outrageous assertions.

I call to you attention, the report from DHS that very effectively “pigeonholes” all Americans into specific categories of “Extremists”.  This move alone enables law enforcement to charge anyone with any manner of hate, extremist, or worst yet, terrorism crime.  I have written my Senators and Representatives about this situation on numerous occasions and have yet to receive any reply from anyone that even hints at any interest in my assertions.  This to me is troublesome.  As we have been witness to in the years since 9-11, we have seen a steady (and methodical) whittling away of the civil rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, yet the Politicians, at all levels, turn a blind eye and say that this is all for the security and safety of the public.  My reply to that is; We have gone well past the point of diminishing returns and gone to place that the United States of America has never gone before.  We have gone to a place where the government is actively trying to get each and every person in America to spy on his brother.  Neighbor against neighbor, just like any other failed dictatorship or totalitarian regimes.  But where are our Politicians who took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution?  They seem to be conspicuously absent in this situation.  They appear to be so wrapped up in whatever the “Crisis du jour” is, they are completely missing (or ignoring) the constitutional crisis staring them directly in the face.  I cannot believe that I am the only person seeing this trend and I cannot believe that I am the only person to have written or contacted my Reps about this.  These obvious, glaring situations that are being ignored by those who we put in office to represent us, are speaking volumes.  It tells me that we are no longer in control of our “Representative” government.  When our members of Congress ignore the incursions into freedom, such as are happening today, we, as a nation founded on freedom, are in serious trouble and everyone should be taking notice.  At this point, I can only surmise through observation, that these members of Congress are aware of such goings on and they approve of the erosion of the civil liberties in this country and are helping to further the advancement of a “police state”.  Now at this point, all we have discussed is Congress and its culpability in the current state of affairs.  The Executive Branch is a whole different ball game.  This is because the Executive Branch is occupied by people who have the same (superficial) agenda.  In this case, the EB is comprised of people who identify with the “progressive” and ultra-liberal agenda, which by the way, fits nicely with the “One world only” agenda.  This “One World Only” agenda flies squarely in the face of what America has traditionally stood for and flies in direct contradiction of the Founding Fathers mindset and vision when the Declaration of Independence was penned.  The American sense of independence was born out of the philosophy and rational that “All men are created equal” with “certain inalienable rights”, given by God (not by man).  Even the physical geography of the United States has played a part in forming the American sense independence and freedom.  With an ocean separating North America from the rest of the world, it is easy to understand how we Americans value our independence.  With no other industrialized nations (other than our friends up north in Canada), other nations with contrary approaches to democracy or society have not been able to influence the US population into adopting or changing our form of governance, ….until now.

Throughout history, man has been traveling between the continents.  Early man used canoes or other kinds of boats .  The journey was usually very difficult and arduous and not many people undertook such a hazardous journey.  Today however, since the advent of easy and affordable air fares, millions of people, from all over the world are flocking to the United States.  In the early years, many came by ship, today, they come by Jet, all trying to get into the United States to live their dream, whatever that is…..  With the huge influx of people’s from all sorts of different ethnicities and backgrounds, there is a large number of them who either fail to or refuse to integrate into the American culture.  Those people prefer to live here, as they did, from where ever they came from.  And with them they retain their political, religious and cultural beliefs, customs or social mannerisms.  Most of that as far as I am concerned is just fine, however, when those political, religious and cultural beliefs, customs or social mannerisms run in direct opposition to and run contrary to our national sensibilities, customs and laws, these people’s morals or sensibilities must not be allowed to infiltrate and permeate our institutions.  Whether these are institutions of education or government, these sensibilities must not be allowed to take root.  Oh, wait a minute, I got ahead of myself….., they already have..  We now have these types of people’s permeating our entire society and governments.  They extend their wills from every level and branch of government.  From city, county, state and federal, these people have maneuvered themselves into positions of influence and power and we are now seeing the results of their efforts.  In the United States today, those who believe that our founding documents are our bedrock and foundation, are in a minority and are worthy of scorn.  If you are a Christian and believe in the tenets put forth in the Bible, you are labeled “Old Fashioned” and backwards.  If you believe in the sanctity of marriage, meaning a male and female, you are labeled “homophobic”.  If you believe a child should have both a Mother and a Father, you are once again labeled “homophobic” AND “sexist” because you seemingly don’t approve of the single mother situation.  So you see, being of white,  Anglo-Saxon decent, us white folks don’t stand a chance because WE are labeled by everyone else, while we in turn can not even revel in our ethnicity, simply because I guess we…..aren’t..  So, to sum-up,  if we are going to take our nation back, we have a huge task ahead of us.  In my opinion, this job can only be done by 2 means.  1.  At the ballot box, when voting, we must ensure that we only put people in office who truly extol our beliefs and desires.  And that is, bring the United States back from the brink of destruction and return it to a truly representative government, premised on our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.  And 2.  Use your dollars, or in this case lack there of.  Meaning, when dealing with the like of Bill Maher on HBO who just recently used such vile and hate filled rhetoric against Michele Bachmann, I will not print it here. In response, I have cancelled my subscription to HBO and told my carrier why.  If we all take like action against all those like him, meaning, celebrities of like mind who THINK what they says matters, will go away in a big way.  When HBO looses a ton of subscriptions, they will be forced to examine why.  That will lead to his type of hate speech going away in a big way.  I urge all to follow my lead….It going to be a tough job…….  This is my opinion, and I am sticking to it…..

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