That is a very complex and vexing question, and depending on who you talk to, you will find a gazillion opinions on what needs to be done.  Everyone has their own priorities and leanings on which way the government needs to go.  I am not going to even try to cover these opinions, simply because, well, I only have my opinion and my point of view.  That is not to say that others opinions are not valid.  They are.  But here I will try to articulate as best as I can, what I feel needs to be done;

In the years, decades and centuries since our Constitution and Bill of Rights was penned, there has been countless politicians who have taken every opportunity to chip away at those very Rights that we hold near and dear to our hearts.  I dare say there hasn’t been a single Administration that hasn’t in some way, diminished our rights in some way that causes the Bill of Rights to become less relevant.  This current administration is in my opinion, one of the worst, if not THE worst and most egregious violator of these rights.  As much as I try, I cannot enumerate each and every violation because there are simply too many and a lot of the “violations” are being kept secret.  But fortunately for us, there are still some very good investigative reporting still being practiced and we get wind of current happenings that profoundly impact our Constitution.  And as we all know, there are some what I call “Rouge Agencies” that seem to work at nothing less than thinking of ways to intentionally violate the Bill of Rights in one way or another.  These assaults on the Bill of Rights come from all sorts of federal agencies.  I dare say there are few that don’t.  I can think of many with each one usurping the Constitution in one way or another.  We now live in nation where our God-given freedoms are being tossed aside, all for what the Feds say is increased safety and security.  Benjamin Franklin said “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”.  This is as true today as it was in 1769 when he first penned it in a letter.  This “temporary safety” that BF talks about, is exactly what the Feds are professing to supply to us, as long as “We The People” knuckle under and submit to all the violations of our rights.  After all, it’s for our own good right?  Well, in a word, No.

American politics has taken a crucial turn and the mainstream politicians have failed to recognize this fact.  What has changed?  Well, for the first time in American history, the common citizen has access to an unprecedented amount of information, literally at their fingertips.  This of course is the internet.  (Remember Al Gore’s invention)..  Anyway, contemporary politicians, for the first time, are being held strictly accountable for their actions.  The days of the “back room deals” are numbered and the duller politicians are slow to realize this simple immutable fact.

Now, to them eat of the matter.  What are some of the things that needs to get done in order to restore this nation to a Constitutional Republic?  Here are my suggestions;

  1. At a MINIMUM a roll-back of all Presidential Executive Orders by Obama that violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  2. I would like to see more checks-and-balances instituted that makes it much more difficult to violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  3. I would like to see a program instituted nation wide that would be required by every State and Local agency that takes Federal moneys.  This would be a program that was designed to root out those people who have a proclivity for planning, instituting and supporting actions or programs that violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  People who do not hold these rights inviolate have no place in public office of any kind.  Call me McCarthy, I don’t care….It need to be done…
  4. Downsize and restrict funding for those agencies that usurp the rights of private citizens as a matter of doing business, such as the type of centers and agencies I have written about in the past.
  5. Our Elected Officials MUST live up to their oath of office.  Period, no discussion.  This means that the next provision will be upheld…
  6. As in #2, we need more checks-and-balances to ensure our Commander and Chief lives up to the letter of the law and cannot perpetrate the type of shenanigans our current one has gotten away with.  NO more of this crap….

This is not by all means, an all-inclusive list.  These are just a few of things that I think need to get done to get us back on the path to a Constitutional Republic.  I invite all to comment and add your own “wish list” of actions.

  1. #1 by Rick L on 08/20/2011 - 9:27 pm

    What needs to be done to restore our Constitutional Republic? Well the first thing is to educate the citizens of America by having them read and understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights, at least for the ones that still have an open mind and have not been influenced or brainwashed to the point of no return . That would be a huge undertaking in itself especially taking in consideration that most High School Graduates can’t read or write well enough to understand the English language. And this includes a huge percentage of immigrants that can’t even speak English let alone have basic reading skills.
    To educate citizens what their Government is doing to them would be such a monumental task there really is no one best place to start. The America we have today with all the perverted morals, convoluted ideas, biased news media, vast religions and self centered confused ethnic groups, laws to protect criminals, double agents working in our Government, devious citizens and any other type of evil doing people and groups, the restoration of Americas Constitutional Republic is just a whim of thought. Our Government has too much control over this country including the people they can call upon at a moments notice to implement force over those who don’t comply. Most people have accepted this way of life and don’t want to rock the boat and besides most people just don’t have the time or guts needed to cure this country of its demise. There are small communities that understand what’s happening that have the motivation and have devoted the time but they have been labeled as extremist not Patriots, so the inclination for the majority is to stay clear of them. That’s quite understandable, as one has to be careful and vigilant on who is not a true Patriot in this country today.
    Obviously voting is not the answer. I mean come on, your politicians, all politicians, have lied to the public for a long time and the public just doesn’t get it. If they do, they are just too forgiving. And at election time they are right back at the poles (what fools they be). Anyone that may appear to be a decent politician if elected will be swallowed up or corrupted by their peers. Or because everyone has a few skeletons in their closet someone will dig up some dirt and have them made a spectacle of and get rid of them that way. Your government spends, spends and spends and does not account for it, they enforce more regulation on everyone and everything, they waste more time making law after law to enforce control, they create more agencies to create more control and the public still continues to fall for the same old crap. Here…… you want something that will show just how much control your Government has through your elected politicians over any agency it has created? Take a look at this. You will get a much clearer picture of what they can do by renting this video http://gaslandthemovie.com/, or find some way to see it. You will not look at a glass of water or anything you eat quite the same after it. Thank your Elected Officials for this and more. They do not have the American people’s interest at heart. And don’t forget what they have done to the Gulf of Mexico for the all mighty dollar. The governments control over the media will hide what’s happening there for ever.
    Hypothetically the only answer is to stop helping the Government. Of course this is not doable but there is no other solution. This poses a huge problem because your employer will not stop deductions from your paycheck that’s due the Government no matter what, and that’s where it needs to start, with your employer. We also need to stop paying sales tax and stop filling out IRS forms to send in. Pay cash for everything, so bring a calculator along and don’t add taxes. But then that brings up the problem of the government cutting their own checks. Plus they are still in control of the Treasury Department and they can still get money from China or any other country at a discount. So where does that leave us? Physically over throwing the government is out of the equation because they will enforce physical violence onto the public and we all know what happened in Communist China.
    So what can be done? Nothing! All the talk about how much everyone doesn’t like what’s happening to this country is just talk. We will never see the day when enough people will unite as a Republic from yesteryear to confront this Dictatorship that runs this country. There just aren’t enough people that have the same train of thought and have enough gumption that will stand as one and do anything about what’s happening. The corruption, threats and lies run through every aspect of America and there just aren’t enough good people in this country to overpower them. The government has the public buffaloed into thinking they will be crushed if they try anything to uphold their Constitutional Rights. That’s why it all ends with just talk and the Government knows it.
    It’s a real shame that all the original inhabitants of North America were so innocent as to believe the Forked Tongue White Devil, losing everything they had including their lives. We are much more used to the Government today with all their trickery and lies but still the Forked Tongue White Devil keeps falling for the same old lies.
    Maybe we need to come up with a set of guidelines for all Americans to agree on and they are guidelines that will have a profound effect on how the Government will run. We the people will control how much will be spent on living quarters, transportation, entertainment and nutrition for all public servants. Clothing will be at the discretion of a panel that has access to publicly donated garments. Unless of course a public servant has the means to live a life style they so choose. Retirement, Healthcare and wages will be dependent on productivity of each public servant. Evaluation of public servants productivity will be reviewed monthly. Undesirables will be terminated promptly with no chance of re-instatement. Public servants with positive results for their country will be commended with medals of appreciation. This is how it should be anyway. Just how it is that public servant has to live like royalty and all the time dictates to us on how to live? Disrespecting us and ignoring the Constitution is not what they are supposed to be doing.
    In all reality though, there is nothing that can be done to change the way our government manipulates their agenda and control. All though lately I am somewhat surprised that there are a few brave souls that are standing up for their Constitutional Rights with this open carry of fire arms. For the time being this seems to be nothing to be too concerned about. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. My guess is that the Government will over power those few with laws and physical force. If that does not work the Government will resort hiring modern day thugs to resolve the issue and will deny any involvement in it. You know, like another Terrorist Attack from some hidden cell in America. That will be something to give all the Conspirators another topic to dig into.

    We may very well see Patriot sites like this disappear now that the Senate has passed Bill S968 the “Protect IP Act” and sent it to Congress for approval. When they do, Barry will get and we all know what he will do.

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