There could not be a better person to honor in DC than Dr. King.  He was a great man and this nation is better for having him.  So when I heard about the monument, I thought it was a really great thing,  until I saw it……  Before reading anything about the sculpture, I thought it looked “funny”.  It reminded me of the monuments we were used to seeing all over the Communist nations, extolling the great leaders of their communist/socialistic/Marxist countries.  Then I read on, and it all made perfect sense.  This thing was carved by an “artist” in Communist China and it does resemble Mao and whats with the Asian eyes? .     If I was an African-American, I would be so insulted by this monument, I would force its removal and call for a “re-do”, having a new monument carved by a someone who for one, is not communist, and two, will not embellish the image of Dr. King to look other than what he was, a noble and brave man.  Why couldn’t or didn’t they contract this out to African-American artists?  I am offended by this monument being made by the communist Chinese.   I have a tremendous amount of respect for the man and I feel that he was one of the few true hero’s America has ever produced.  He was a great man whose memory and accomplishments deserve much, much better than this.   Click here for more pics.

UPDATE 101611

More recent information.

  1. #1 by Rick L on 08/25/2011 - 8:32 am

    Made in China? Well isn’t that just great! Just about everything you pick up anymore is made in China, so this comes as no surprise to me. It’s a real shame that this Monument of Martin Luther King junior shows him in such a dictator type posture looking with disdain. Of course he had his character flaws like all politicians but I don’t picture this man in my mind as being that type person after hearing again and again his profound words “I Have a Dream”. His posture appears to be deliberate and my guess is the committee that put this whole stupid idea together are Communist just like our President and they are all out to destroy this country. Martin Luther’s “I Have a Dream” ideology, was just that, a dream. My thinking leads me to think this committee wanted to portray equality for the Blacks. And they know that’s not possible because the black community just can’t seem to get over themselves, especially with people like Bertha Lewis, Maxine Waters, Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson, Van Jones and Al Sharpton getting them riled up all the time with their rhetoric. They will continue to scream Racism at every opportunity they can and having a Nobel Peace Prize winning un-qualified American hating black President and his family living in the White House is not helping matters one bit. Of course there is a percentage of the black community that seems to dislike Obama’s agenda as much as I do but in all reality that’s what started this whole monument thing anyway. You could not convince me that if Mc Cain was elected President that this monument would still have been made. Anyways, what did Martin Luther King do anyways? OK he gave a speech that pissed off a lot of people. I could do that myself. He pursued his agenda peacefully and he recruited a large community of whites to stand by his side, you have to give him credit for that. But his efforts were in vain. Maybe it depends on what part of the country you were in at the time Martin Luther was out there helping the black community, but in all reality I just don’t see how the Black community was any better off after his demise. They are their own worst enemy unless you want to include the government. I don’t know, was he hero because he was killed for standing up for his rights? Yes, I suppose he was. I might add that having a Black man in the White House has moved any of Martins efforts back to square one. And any one who thinks different is not out there dealing directly with the black attitude. Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s just me and my perception and gut feelings are deceiving me. In all reality, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and the Mama and Papa’s did more for the moral of this country than any politician could do 10 life times.
    I’m wondering if all the main contributors of this monument were aware of who would be commissioned to sculpt this monument and what country they were from. Also, now that they can see the finished product and not just as an artist concept, what are their true feelings? Obviously they would never reveal the truth of their own thoughts in fear being called a Racist, so that’s irrelevant. It would have been curious to listen in on the committee that controlled the fund raising and how the decision was made to whom would the sculptor be. I mean just what in the hell is the matter with these people that want to spend more money in China? Our country needs to get its economy going, not build up another country. We already have too many small businesses going belly up and they are not helping matters at all. This confirms my suspicion of their loyalty to America.
    What’s next, a bust of Obama on Mount Rushmore sculpted by the same man that did the MLK monument or maybe someone from Iran this time?
    One more thought on this granite monument. It may might not be a bad idea to do a core sample of this granite monument and make sure it’s not just a huge slab of cement covered with some a granite coating fabricated by the Chinese. This would also confirm that the Chinese have not sent us a Trojan horse. You know, filled with a highly contagious form of germs. Oh that’s just crazy. That’s not even plausible or feasible with the highly trained Homeland Security we have protecting our Nation. And besides why would China contaminate land they are taking over?

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