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I applaud Sheriff Joe Arpaio for having the wherewithal and pluck to investigate the  bogus birth certificate that The ‘Bama published for our consumption like he thinks we are a bunch of idiots.  The phony BC has been examined by experts and it without a doubt a fake, in the opinion of the experts and me, for all that’s worth…  I am going to write Sheriff Joe and express my support to him.  I urge all Patriots to do the same.

My letter to Sheriff Joe:

I am writing you to express my support for your investigation into the legitimacy of President Obama’s published birth certificate.  I whole heartedly applaud you for your steadfast patriotism and sense of duty.  This Constitutional issue must be examined and resolved and I am so happy that you have taken up the cause, in spite of the failure of Congress to have the bravery and sense of duty to do what you have been compelled to do.  If I could I would shake your hand.  This country needs more Patriots like you who are not afraid or too timid to stand up and say “The King Has No Cloths On”.  I tip my hat to you sir.


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