Yes, I knew this was the case, that is why when recently I needed a newer vehicle, I bought a Ford.  I will never own a vehicle with On-Star or any other tracking system that the government has a hand in.  GM is saying that they maintain tracking data to include speed, and any other such data that is recorded in what is being called ” a black box for cars” that all these On-Star equipped vehicles have.  Where I go and how I go anywhere is no business of the government, especially without a search warrant, which I am sure would not be obtained in this case since the data is so easily obtained.  In my opinion, GM is totally corrupt and should have been allowed to go belly up.  Click the pic for the story.  And oh, by the way, That Progressive insurance ad that says that if you are a great driver, you get really good rates.  All you have to do is plug this in to your OBD 2 port to get the discount.  What “this” is, is a data recorder.  And what it records is all the data that your car’s computer tracks like speed, braking and other such stuff.  Be warned, that if you are involved in an accident and you have this device on your car, Progressive WILL use the data obtained to deny coverage if they find any data that could indicate you were speeding or anything else that they may find as grounds to not pay.  You’ve been warned………….  Flo Lies……

UPDATE 092711

On-Star says, Opps, Just Kidding!!  They backtrack on this plan after a revolt by Congress, Customers and others.  They say they will shut it off, but when was the last time any government entity told the truth?  (Yes, GM is a government entity)  I don’t believe a word of it.  How can that claim be tested?  I would like to know and have someone check it out.

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