Taking the wide view of what the current attitudes towards Congress and the US Government as a whole seems to be one of frustration and anger.  All the angry voices are directed at a government that appears to be completely dysfunctional and hopelessly locked in a stalemate, one side pitted against another, each playing a political game of brinkmanship and tricks.  Each side has dug in their heels and refuses to budge from their agendas, using whatever political ploy they can to further their causes.  Each side has people who are well versed in these unseemly and sometimes down right dishonest tactics and are perfectly willing and able to do whatever they think they need to do to win.  So as we citizens sit back and watch this soap opera, it is the nation and the citizens who may suffer the consequences of the outcome of this political battle.

Depending on who you listen to, each side is blaming the other for the apparent paralytic conduct of Congress.  The Left blames the Right and visa-versa.  Depending on ones political bent, you identify with one side or the other.  The Left is seemingly working towards a re-write of the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights.  These people want to level the playing field so everyone is equal and everyone is provided everything they need by the government, paid for by Millionaires.  Everyone has a right to a job, a house, healthcare, or whatever else they can think of, all provided by the government.  In this utopian world, everything is all rosy and love fills the air.  This is what these people really believe and it is their paradigm, you cannot shake them from it.  It is their religion, it is their mantra, and it is their life’s work.  Believe me, I have had many a conversation with these types and they really believe it in their hearts.  It is their reality.

The people on the other side see the situation through different spectacles.  What they see is a government locked in a titanic battle for the soul of this nation.  The Left is working diligently to fundamentally change the USA.  Moving it away from the foundational precepts that our Founding Fathers put in place when they used their collective wisdom to author our foundational documents.  These extraordinarily wise men knew what oppression was and took great pains to install a government that does something their previous rulers and governments did not.  And that was to acknowledge mans rights, and that they are God given, not given by man because man and government cannot and should not limit mans rights.  These concepts are articulately written in the Bill of Rights with no ambiguities.  It is plainly written and is meant to be literally interpreted.  These people also see a Congress that IS working in the exact manner it was envisioned.  Our Founding Fathers planned a government that was and is built on checks and balances.  It is meant to act the very way it is now.  When one side or the other, gets out of hand and starts going things that are out of bounds, the other side should always have the power to stall any acts that run contrary to the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.   That is exactly what is happening today.  Our congress is broken and is in need of repair, that much is evident, but what do we do to get it back in line?  That is a complicated question and there is much debate on that issue.  I have 1 suggestion; Only elect people who are constitutionalist and work to protect our republic and our rights, not just take a hollow oath and go about their agenda.  As a citizen, I am sick and tired of having to protect my rights when I send people to Washington DC to do that for me.  That’s their job!

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