Like a lot of my readers, I too watched the GOP debate from LV.  In fact I only heard about it that day but upon hearing who and what was going to moderate this debate, I knew what to expect, and I was not disappointed…in that respect.  When I heard that CNN was moderating this with Anderson Cooper at the helm, I immediately knew what CNN was going to try to do, and they did.  It was their most heartfelt hope and desire to set the stage where the candidates turned on each other and provided the “show” that the Liberals want to see.  And that is exactly what happened.  Accusation after accusation, retort after retort, flaring tempers and near pandemonium.  It was a great show, all staged to make these candidates look as bad as possible, and they FAILED to take the high road and rise above the collusion by CNN and its producers.  It was a spectacle and I am sorely disappointed in each person up on that stage.  The ONLY one who even got close to rebuking Anderson Cooper’s tactics and questions was Newt Gingrich.  At least HE tried to rise above the noise.  I am sorely disappointed in these people not planning for this tactic and in a unified voice, refuse to go down that path,….but the didn’t.  These people need to pull their head out and get their collective acts together so OBAMA gets beat next election.  If not, nobody is going to vote for ANY ringleader of this apparent 3 ring circus.  The GOP must play this game better, or else we’re all in trouble.  They seemingly have not gotten the message that “business as usual” IS OVER and the old ways of the GOP will not be tollerated.  Those who understand this will succeed, those who don’t,..won’t.

  1. #1 by Rick L on 10/23/2011 - 3:50 pm

    Didn’t see this. We’ve discontinued all television in our house due to increased prices of cable and biased options for information available to us on any network. And this goes without mentioning all the garbage and morally corrupt shows available. Anyway I’m not surprised of the actions of these candidates. They are not that smart. After all ,they are politicians and can not be trusted no matter what they say. It’s all about ego and money with these people. Just take a look at the state this nation is in today from all these corrupt individuals from years of their hard work.

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