Click pic for more info.... How safe are these 3rd world country trucks???

As this article goes on to explain, president obama (small case intentional) is signing this in the Oval Office so he can control the press, ie the pictures that get published.  His reasoning may be that he does not want to appear like he is working with the Republicans on this issue so as to not piss off more of his base.  I am totally disappointed in the legislation because of all the reasons I have mentioned in previous articles on this subject. Here and Here.  The GOP screwed the pooch on this one.   I am very confident that I am right on this issue and it will be proven out in the next few years as more US industry moves into the “CAFTA Zone” of influence.  All this is going to do is further erode US wages, put more inferior products in the market  and further add to the retreat of the American standard of living.  The crafters and supporter of CAFTA say it is going to provide America with the needed jobs to get this economy back on its feet, I beg to differ.  History says the opposite is true.  Third World countries cannot afford the products we would build here.  Our wages and overhead are not conducive to making the products these poor countries can afford because if made with proper US wages, the products would be priced out of their price range and if wages were drastically reduced, the wages paid to the US workers would not be enough to live on at all.  Not even close.   So either way, it’s not going to work.  Also, as a side note along these same lines, today, Oct 21, 2011, the US started allowing Mexican trucks to cross the border and deliver their loads directly to their destinations.  This effectively takes jobs away from the US trucking industry.  How does this help American jobs ?  This is a result of  NAFTA.  Whats next, trucks from Central America?……..yea, I’ll bet so….  This is a step towards multi-nationalism I am not comfortable with at all….  It’s just another step towards the marginalization of Americanism and it will lead to more…….

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