BOEHNER: DEBT DEAL WILL INCLUDE NEW TAX REVENUES; My letter to Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler Republican, 3rd District, Washington, on this issue



It is disheartening to read that Majority Leader Boehner has stated that additional tax revenues are now on the table.  As my Representative, I sent you to Washington to hold the line against the Democrats attempts at further bankrupting and taxing the American people, at all costs.  It is a fallacy to believe that it is okay to tax corporate America too.  Any and all taxes are passed on to the consumer and the result is just inflation and higher prices for whatever commodity is taxed.  We as a nation are at a crossroads and we conservatives expect you to turn right, not left on all issues.  The left must be the party to bend, as they mistakenly expect the conservative right to do.  As a voter, I can tell you that if the Republicans do not stick to holding the tide and keeping this nation from sinking any further, I would think that the Representative who acquiesce to the Left, will find their next election cycle very tough and difficult as they will have to answer up to their Constituents.



Fully Engaged Voter

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