MAKE THE DEMS BLINK FIRST!! Click the pic for the story.

As the weeks go by and the budget debate deepens, it was inevitable that both parties were going to dig in their heels and stand their ground.  I don’t know what anybody else expected but I knew this was going to happen.  My concern was and is, who is going to blink first in this political game of chicken?  I have let it be known to all my Representatives that I expect them to hold form and make the Dems blink first, but as this report hints, the GOP may be the first to flinch, and that is just plain wrong!  As I have been explaining to people, the only way the Conservative Majority is going to win, is to ALWAYS make the Liberal/Progressives blink first, in ALL instances.  That is what is needed to stop these people’s evil agenda.  However, I am afraid that the career GOP Politicians have not caught on to the fact that politics as usual is a dead and dying institution.  These people have not come to grips with the new realities that they are being forced to deal with.  And those new realities include us being on them like white on rice every step of the way.  With all the resources we have on the internet, these “Old Guard” politicians must come to grips with the fact that they cannot break wind in DC without us knowing about it.  The failure on their part to “get in line” will inevitably lead to their departure from congress, post-haste…..  Never before in the history of the United States, have the politicians been under such intense scrutiny and incessant contact with those they represent.  Just ask my Reps, I’m sure they would agree because of all the letters I write regarding their current actions in DC.  I am sure they are sick of me, and that’s great because I know then that they hear me.  And they should hear from you too.  LIke never before, they need to hear from their constituents, and regularly.  If you don’t, they will think you agree with them.  If you don’t agree, MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM!  Otherwise you are going to get the government you deserve….for not taking your civil responsibilities seriously…….. It IS your choice.  Ultimately, everyone must understand one very fundamental fact about this issue and many more Liberal agenda items,…  This is not about Republican vs Democrat, Left vs Right.  It IS about right vs wrong.  It is that simple.  Those who are on the liberal agenda side, are on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of democracy.  Being a Democrat has nothing to do with being “democratic”.  It has everything to do with them telling YOU how to live and governing every aspect of your life, to their satisfaction, not yours!

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