He is stacking the deck against us all.

Does this come as any surprise to anyone who should be paying attention?  No….  As demonstrated in this nomination, obama is as committed as ever at destroying the medical care industry in the United States, replacing it with a system that is inadequate and is designed to dictate to you and your Dr., what kind of care you may have.  This is one of the bureaucrat who would be making those types of decisions.  This impending Supreme Court review of “ObamaCare” could prove to be one of the most important decision the HIgh COurt has had placed before them.  With the consequences to the nation being potentially dire, this decision will most likely determine which social direction the United States will go.  To say I am concerned is an understatement.  I wouldn’t be quite so concerned if we didn’t have a Justice on the Court that was so obviously biased in favor of ObamaCare.  That person is Justice Kagan.  She was involved in this legislation op to her neck and that is why Obama nominated her to the Supreme Court.  She is there to help get this Obamination through the court and give it a thumbs up.  So with that being said, I am pretty confident that the Left is going to fight tooth and nail to keep her from recusing herself from the case, even though the law requires it.  I am not optimistic.  The left has and will stoop to anything to press their agenda.  It is the Supreme Courts job to insure the Constitution and Bill of Rights are not abused.  I am not overly optimistic that this Court has the wherewithal or desire to do so anymore.  I have little faith at this point.  I hope I am proven wrong……

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