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As I have been reporting since I started this website, the Lib/Progressives are hell-bent on doing everything they can to restrict your gun rights in one way or another.  In this case, through regulations, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will severely restrict access to public land for the purpose of any shooting activity, to include hunting.  In the proposed regulation, this paragraph is the Coup de grâce to the shooting public; “When the authorized officer determines that a site or area on BLM-managed lands used on a regular basis for recreational shooting is creating public disturbance, or is creating risk to other persons on public lands; is contributing to the defacement, removal or destruction of natural features, native plants, cultural resources, historic structures or government and/or private property; is facilitating or creating a condition of littering, refuse accumulation and abandoned personal property is violating existing use restrictions, closure and restriction orders, or supplementary rules notices, and reasonable attempts to reduce or eliminate the violations by the BLM have been unsuccessful, the authorized officer will close the affected area to recreational shooting.”  In reading this, it is very evident that whomever authored it was trying very hard to tie up every situation they could think of that could be used as justification to shut down recreational shooting or even hunting.  At this point, I don’t have any information that would indicate what type of violations these would be, if any.  But be warned, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Feds didn’t make it at least a class c felony, which in turn would make you a felon and take away your gun rights.  Remember, these people are after you and your guns.  They will take and make every advantage they can.   The National Wildlife Foundation, Cabela’s and the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council are trying to fight this issue but so far it has not received much attention.  Click HERE for their paper on this.

UPDATED 111711

Did the BLM back down?  Maybe……  Click HERE for info

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