GERMANY RISING?  Click the pic for infoDid anyone else see the break-up of the EU coming other than me?  I hope so because this un-holy union was doomed to failure right from the git-go.  There was a reason why the UK did not convert over to the Euro and we are seeing it right now.  The English learned a huge lesson during WWII and were very smart to avoid the calamity that is going to befall the rest of the EU.  I have lived in the UK and I have been to Germany and central Europe.  With the diverse history of all these EU countries and the “Stiff upper lip” mentality of the Brits, they were very wise to opt out of most of the EU crap.  While the UK enjoyed the free trade that was enabled by the EU, the rest of the countries in the EU lost their way and in my opinion, a lot of their national identity because every country was brought down to the lowest common denominator, except Britain.  I predicted that the Euro was doomed and those countries that adopted it as their currency were headed for trouble and it looks like that is coming to pass. With Germany taking the lead on the EU, many of those mindful of history remember the German of old, pre-WWI and pre-WWII.  In both instances Germany got delusions of grandeur and decided to conquer the world, and twice, the world fought back and beat them in two calamitous wars.  It is this memory that to this day frightens people who see an emerging, powerful Germany.  Is history about to repeat itself in Europe?  I hope not…….

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