This is a classic example why Senator Patty Murray (D-Wa) and for that matter Senator Maria Cantwell must be shown the door come their next election cycles.  Cantwell in ’12 and unfortunately Murray in ’16.  This article articulates pretty well I think, of her inability to get out of the Democrat party line and agenda and do what is truly right for the country, rather than her party.  In all the replies I have gotten from both of these people on the various issues, I have NEVER gotten anything that even remotely hinted at compromise or deviation from the Democrat party line and agenda.  As demonstrated by all my letters posted in this forum, she fails to directly address any of my specified concerns.  She is totally consumed by her passion to push the corrupt Democrat/Liberal/Progressive agenda, regardless of the horrible consequences the nation and you and me will suffer. After all, she votes with the Dem party 91% of the time and most often in agreement with Al Franken. Al Frankin?!?!  What?!  This guy is a corrupt hack at best and she agrees with him?!?  WOW!!  Plus, I find her actions especially repugnant and egregious knowing that she is on the Committee on the Budget, Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Appropriations Committee: Within the Appropriations Committee, Senator Murray is Chairman of the Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies.   Murray also serves on the following subcommittees; Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee, Energy and Water Development Subcommittee, Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Subcommittee, Defense Subcommittee, Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee and the Homeland Security Subcommittee, plus she is on the “Super Committee” that is responsible for coming up with the “magic bullet” that will fix the budget deficit.  It is especially scary for us vets because as I indicated in letters to her that she is in a prime position to protect the benefits that us vets and retirees sacrificed so long for, but conversely, she is in a prime position to really screw us.  And unfortunately I am afraid that the latter, not the former, will be the case.  She has not been bold enough to indicate to me, or I dare say, any either vet or retiree, that she will do every thing she can to protect us.  She is sickeningly quiet on the issue.  That is not a good sign and it is my opinion that if she continues on this what I categorize as a corrupt path, she needs to be recalled.  In my opinion she has demonstrated in no uncertain terms that she is unwilling to listen to her constituents, and of which, I am one of many military people/families that she is going to really harm, simply due to her blind ambition and dedication to the corruption of the left. Her position is simple, she thinks that it is imperative that our taxes be raised.  Not only yours and mine, but corporate taxes.  The Left is trying to demonize Corporate America by getting all the leftist idiots all riled up, believing the palaver propaganda crap.  Everyone must remember one very basic fact about corporate America, in actuality, corporations for the most part do not pay taxes,……the taxes are built into the cost of the product or service they provide, so therefore, WE PAY THE TAXES….  So, lets go ahead and raise taxes on these companies, just so we can pay a higher price for their product….. HEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOO………..Sounds like a good idea to me……NOT!    This Dem Rx for this deficit problem is simply to tax more so they can spend more and more and more and more… get the idea.  It is the old democrat “tax and spend” BS all over again.  I thank God that the GOP is holding firm on this issue because they know that the system is broke, in more ways that one and raising taxes on the citizenry at this time is really wrong-headed and will hurt whatever economic recovery we may be able to get going.  Don’t be confused by the recent news that a balanced budget amendment was voted down by the evil GOP for no real good reason.  There was a good reason for it; There was language in that piece of legislation that would have put in place a mechanism that Congress would have used in the future to go back to business as usual (tax and spend) with a new provision that would have made it real easy for Congress to raise taxes and point to the Amendment, explaining that they are compelled to by this very amendment.  Kind of sick huh?  THAT is why it did not pass.  Thank God for that.  The Dems are quick to point the finger at the GOP, but in all truthfulness, it is them who are trying to destroy your standard of living.  And one last point, if I may….  I am sick and tired of reading articles that use the word “democratic” when the proper usage should be “democrat”.  The two are not synonymous.  “Democratic” to me means a form of governance, “Democrat” is the name of a political party.  In my opinion, the Democrat party is in no way shape or form democratic.  All they want to do is gather as much power as they can so they can dictate to you, how to live your life.  Does that sound “democratic” to you?

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