In watching this video, I find it very disturbing that this Council THINKS it has the right to shut the citizenry up and not allow dissenting voices to be heard.  I especially find it most disturbing that the Officers (or more aptly put “Thugs” were more than eager to violate this Priests 1st Amendment Rights.  Everyone on that council must be recalled or removed and those so-called “Officers” need to be fired.  Those guys need to figure out which side they are on, fascism, or democracy and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Those men in my opinion should be shunned along with their families.  Their conduct is despicable and disgraceful and un-American…..


  1. #1 by Angel on 12/29/2011 - 11:07 am

    The officers were only doing their jobs. And you think their families should be shunned because of it? Really? Wow.

    • #2 by conservativeamericanvet on 12/29/2011 - 5:15 pm

      Why yes I do. The Nazi’s were only “doing their job” too. These people who think it is OK to violate the rights of the people and the intent of the Constitution and Bill of Rights simply because some crooked politician tells them to should not get a “pass” on their conduct, or those who think they should…… All I have to say about you is Hmmmmmmm…….

  2. #3 by Angel on 01/02/2012 - 11:06 am

    Again, why should their family members be shunned? Their innocent children? Do you think your children should be punished by people who disagree with something you did or did not do or say? If you answer this question this time and your answer is “yes” then what I have to say about you I will keep to myself. I do, however, respect and appreciate your service to our country.

    • #4 by conservativeamericanvet on 01/02/2012 - 12:35 pm

      You really don’t get it do you?….. It is I who will reserve my comments on what I think of you…

  3. #5 by Angel on 01/02/2012 - 1:05 pm

    You really can’t answer a simple question, can you? I’m sorry, I thought I was dealing with someone who still had his wits about him.

    • #6 by conservativeamericanvet on 01/03/2012 - 6:46 pm

      I am not get into a verbal jousting match with you on this issue. This is my final word on this subject;
      Evidently you are not a student of history and do not understand, appreciate or believe just how special and exceptional the United States of America really is. You see, we are a nation of laws. Our Founding Fathers, using the wisdom learned from being subjected to the tyranny being meted out by the English Monarchy, worked very diligently and judiciously in crafting our foundational documents. You may have heard of them, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, and not to omit, the Federalist Papers. When all the discussion, yelling, arguing and commotion was over, we were blessed with these truly unique and powerful tenets, laid down on paper for all to see and read. It is these tenets and fundamental beliefs that has made the USA the pillar of hope for all of those seeking freedom and relief from oppression from all around the world. There is no doubt that without these fundamental and seminal beliefs, America would have spiraled into the type of suffrage and tyranny we witnessed in the past and of which is all over the world right now. In the 200 plus years since our founding and the universal belief in the tenets written in these documents, little by little our elected officials have been straying away from these founding truths and beliefs and laws. Rather than do what is difficult, finds a solution to a problem that does not conflict with these documents, the Politicians have had a tendency to take the easy path and do what is politically expedient, and sadly, a very great amount of those decisions or laws, whichever you prefer, flew in the face of these documents and violate the rights contained and outlined therein. As time as gone on, more and more politicians turned their back on these tenets and knowingly pushed what is now know as the “Progressive” agenda. In my opinion the most notorious of which being FDR and Teddy Roosevelt, and all those leading up to those who currently inhabit all levels of our political and bureaucratic system today. The current lots of Liberals and so-called Conservative politicians have demonstrated almost on a daily basis that they have no qualms in further violating the rule of law outlined in these documents. Whether their motives were t gain more power or to just simply solve a problem, the result is the same. You see, without the rule of law, or ignoring the rule of law, we have nothing short of tyranny. So this brings me back to your statements concerning “shunning” those who perpetrate and perpetuate the tyranny, whether it is directed by the politicians or some other bureaucrat. In the late 1930s, did the German citizenry “shun” those who persecuted and prosecuted the Jews or did they turn a blind eye and secretly say to themselves, “better you than me”? It is well known fact that the Liberal Financier George Soros, who is a Jew, growing up in Nazi Germany, helped the Nazi’s locate and incarcerate the Jews who were hiding so as to not go to the concentration camps. Don’t you think that the inaction of the citizenry had an exacerbating effect on the tyranny being meted out by the Nazi’s? The German citizens had rights, but said nothing about those same rights of the German Jews being violated In-Toto. How tragic in the fullest sense.
      So I guess by your opinion, you’re the type to stand by and say or do nothing as our Constitution, Bill of Rights, are disregarded and violated with little or no regard, not to mention the total disregard of the basic tenets contained in The Declaration of Independence that laid the foundation for these two extraordinary, exceptional documents. I for one am of the opinion that if “shunning” can make a difference, so be it. If the thought of this act is incomprehensible to you when our very Republic is being threatened, then you may not be the patriot you may think you are. It is my opinion you are very shallow and myopic in your thought process and outlook. There is a reason people from all over the world fight to get in this country. Is it because we are subjugated to our government or are we free? To you, is freedom worth fighting for? Countless American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines have paid the ultimate sacrifice, fighting and dying for the very freedom you evidently feel is not worth fighting for. How sad….. I hope you learned something here. If not, , in my opinion, of course, you are lost to Democracy ……. “Do you have any skin in the game”? Doesn’t seem like it……

      Most Sincerely
      A Conservative American Vet

  4. #7 by Angel on 01/04/2012 - 8:36 am

    And yet, with all THAT, you still didn’t explain why someone’s family members should be mistreated. And, fyi, Father Nathon Monk and the officers in the clip are friends, and still are. I don’t think he would appreciate you shunning his friend’s family. Hate is never the answer. Pray and seek Jesus.

    • #8 by conservativeamericanvet on 01/04/2012 - 7:35 pm

      Spoken like a true Liberal progressive…..

  5. #9 by Angel on 01/05/2012 - 7:42 am

    Spoken like a wacko….. Confession: I didn’t really read the above rant as I could tell it still had nothing to do with the question I asked you. I will leave you alone now, to go back to talking to yourself. (I see I am the only one actually leaving comments.)
    God speed.

    • #10 by conservativeamericanvet on 01/06/2012 - 12:56 pm

      Thank you for your most enlightening comments. You have demonstrated most effectively what side of democracy and freedom you are on. It is people like you who evidently turn a blind eye to tyranny, that helps perpetuate and enable tyrants and dictators all over the world throughout history. In my opinion, you are either so clueless, or you are truly someone who supports the oppression of the citizenry, which by the way is the normal modus operendi of the liberal/progressives. Free speech is ok, as long as it is in line with your opinion. All other opinions will not be tolerated. So if a little passive resistance such as shunning is employed, you’re offended evidently because you are in agreement with the authoritarians who wish to silence those who disagree. Your solution I guess is to do nothing. Sit on your hands. Well, there are millions who disagree with your opinion and stand up and make themselves be heard. If you have aligned yourself with the leftist agenda, be prepared for disappointment. You and your ilk are not going to win this battle. The true patriots who care about our freedoms are flocking to the polls. Come November 6th, you will witness a trouncing that will take your breath away. With any luck, the conservatives will sweep the halls of congress free of those who wish to turn this country into something our founding fathers worked hard to avoid, and you and your kind will be marginalized to the extreme. We conservatives are going to take the country back from those who wish to tear it asunder and oppress the people’s rights. And by the way SHUNNING does not violate anybodies rights….. look it up….

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