He sent me a “Legislative update” and I felt compelled to reply:

This is my rebuttal to your Legislative update:

I did not see any references to HR 2044 in this update.  Why are you allowing this bill to languish int he legislature when if passed, would bring the following as outlined by the financial notes:  $3.0 million (2%) will be split equally (for fiscal note purposes) between Lottery Commission and Gambling Commission for expenses. Each Commission would be responsible to cover any additional expenses.

$755 thousand (0.5%) for problem gambling, $7.55 million (5.0%) to local governments (to be distributed proportionally to those local governments in which a house-banked card room is located, based on the total net win attributable to any card room within the

local government’s boundaries). Lottery assumes that if the card room is within a city, the local government proceeds will go to the city. If the card room is in an un-incorporated area, the local government proceeds will go to the county. The remaining amounts will be distributed as follows: $69.8 million (50%) to K-12 Education, $41.9 million (30%) for health and human services programs, and $27.9 million (20%) for public safety programs.  So, as you can see, the financial benefits gained by the passage of these Bills are enormous.  Why aren’t you pushing this Bill?  This moneys would go a long way in reducing and in some cases, alleviating the financial crunch in many state agencies.  Your non-support of this HR will not go un-noticed by the citizens of this state.  Should this HR and its accompanying Senate Bill 5918 not be passed, we voters will know without a shadow of a doubt that you are more willing to cut state vital services and raise taxes, than do the right thing and bring this legislation into fruition, saving services and not burdening the citizenry with more taxes.  If passed, the states expense on implementation of this legislation would be minimal, but could provide a couple more people with jobs within the WSGC as the only function the state would have would be one of oversight.  A few more Agents may me employed to inspect the gaming facilities, that’s it.  So as you can see, this is a win-win for the state.  You need to do the right thing and push this legislation for passage.


Thank you for your email in response to my legislative update.  I completely agree with you on the importance of HB 2044, concerning equity and fairness through the creation and regulation of electronic scratch ticket machines for nontribal gambling establishments. I am pushing for this bill, however we choose to focus the subject of this last update as a recap of the special session.  I am glad you show strong interest in this bill, because as you noted this will have a significant impact fiscally for the State.  I will have more updates in the future and will be sure to talk about HB 2044, but rest assured I am VERY supportive of the bill.

Again, thank you for your email.  If my office can be of any service, please feel free to contact us in the future.

Representative Paul Harris

17th Legislative District



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