Now he wants your votes?!?!?

It is as plain as the nose on your face, the bringing back or withdrawal of troops from all around the world has as much to do with budget as it does with Obama wanting to get the votes of the military personnel.  Any military person worth his/her salt should be able to see through this scheme.  The troops should never lose sight of the fact that Obama has always held the military in contempt and has really no respect towards them.  This is demonstrated in no uncertain terms by the plans of the Administration AND the DemocRATs in Congress, Wa-Patty Murray being one, who is doing everything they can to cut the hard-earned benefits of those serving and the retired.  NOW he wants their votes?!?!  Have you forgotten that his operatives did everything they could to minimize the votes of the military these last elections?  This is so pathetic.  I urge all military people to remain loyal Conservatives and stay the course and vote for your Conservative candidate.  NEVER LOOSE SIGHT OF THE FACT THAT IF HE WINS, HE WILL FURTHER GUT THE MILITARY AND TURN THE UNITED STATES INTO AN INSIGNIFICANT WORLD POWER.  You know, just leveling the playing field, like he likes to do…..He is already going to give our adversaries the secrets to our missile defense shield, or didn’t you know that…?

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