As I was watching one of my favorite classic movies from the 70s last night, once again the movie was edited/censored.  This movie was “Soilent Green” starring Edward G. Robinson and Charlton Heston.  As anyone who knows this movie knows, it is about out of control overpopulation of earth and the degeneration of the standard of living in Los Angeles in 2030ish.  (NOTE: The technical consultant for the film was Frank R. Bowerman, who was president of the American Academy for Environmental Protection at the time.)  99% of the people are homeless, unemployed and destitute and crime is rampant as everyone is scrambling, scratching and clawing for every crumb of food they can find.  The moral decay has descended to a level where people have been reduced to nothing more than a food source and this movie does a very good job of illustrating this pathos.  There is some suggested nudity in this movie abut that is about as far as it goes, however Turner Classic Movies (TCM) edited/censored key parts of this movie out to the point where the whole story line is lost.  I estimate they took about at least 30 minutes out that brought this movie all together and what they took out, to me, is very telling as to TCMs mindset.  I think you will scratch your head on this too.  Let me explain;  As the story progresses, Hestons character “Thorn”  who is a police detective, is investigating the murder of a very important person who is tied in with the company that makes “Soilent” which is the food staple.  Heston’s “Book” Sol, played by Edward G. Robinson, works for Heston as his researcher and aids in finding information Thorn needs in order to do his police work.  In this movie, Robinson’s character is very old and his health is failing. (This is Robinsons last movie and is terminal with cancer. The only other person on the set that knew this was Charlton Heston.)  Sol is old and yearns for the days gone by when earth was not a wasteland and food and animals were plentiful and beautiful.  He is longing for serenity and peace and in this movies time period, society (or government) has supplied a method in which people can peacefully end their own lives.  People can go to facilities that through a answering a few questions, you are euthanized in a manner that puts you at complete peace, right up to the end..  This is where Sol goes.  Thorn is out and doesn’t find out where Sol has gone until it is too late.  Thorn arrives at the facility and forces his way into a viewing room just in time to see Sol one last time as he lays peacefully, watching the most beautiful scenery, flora and fauna, accompanied by beautiful symphonies.  Thorn, crying, is looking through the window is desperate to talk to Sol. (Heston is really crying in this scene because of the poignancy and pathos of this scene, knowing that Edward G. Robinson is really dying when no one else does)   He is able to briefly talk to him and Sol reply, then, Sol dies and the attendants come in and push him through a opening through he wall.  Awaiting Sol’s body is a typical garbage truck.  His body is thrown into the back and compacted with the rest in the truck.  Now note that this part is implied and there is nothing objectionable in this scene.  Thorn finds his way to this area and stows away on a truck that takes him to the body depository.  While he is investigating, it is here where he discovers ‘Soilent Green” is actually made from the remains of the dead, such is the moral decay of mankind…………..TCM censored Sols death and Thorns discovery from the showing that was on last night, thus completely gutting the films continuity and meaning and I am forced to ask the question; Why?  Why would TCM edit that out of this showing?  Too controversial?  Too doomsdayish?  Too egregious to their sensibilities?  Who knows…

AMC is also guilty of the same but to a much more idiotic degree when they censored another old classic John Wayne movie “ElDorado”.  There is a brief scene in this movie when his character, “Cole Thornton” kisses the girl “Maudie” played by Charlene Holt.  John Wayne kisses her like John Wayne kisses women, that all.  That was censored out!  WHY!   In my opinion, this type of censorship cannot be and should not be condoned.  I am taking TCM off my menu.  It is this type of heavy-handedness from the left we shouldn’t tolerate.  I think they would change their tune if the money spigot gets shut off……… As far as I am concerned, I am paying for my TV service and as such should not be censored.  In the face of the entire Progressive agenda that is being pushed on American Society, these types of censorship seems silly and idiotic when compared to the homosexuality and other debauchery that is being condoned and sanctioned by the Left.

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