I WANT YOU!! And we WILL get you...

I hate to say “I told you so”, but….”I told you so”…  Way back when the Pelosi/Reid ran congress was working on “Obamacare”, I was telling everyone, to include all the liberals I work with that this was what was going to happen to the military, and damned if I’m not right.  This was his/they’re plan all along.  They plan to screw the very people that stand up and VOLUNTEER to protect this great country, and yet they expect people in the military to continue to happily continue to serve.  I think these idiot Dems/Libs are sorely mistaken.  We vets will not sit still for this.  I will be writing my Reps ASAP on this issue and I hope all my fellow Vets do the same.  I do think though there is an ulterior motive/goal at work here.  I think it is within the realm of possibility that ultimately these idiots do want the military retention rates to plummet.  This would provide the impetus for the DOD to do way with the all volunteer military.  This in-turn would allow the DOD to severely slash the military pay and benefits because at that point conscription, or the draft will have been reimplemented in order to maintain adequate troop levels.   So, there will be no need for the higher wages.    Done deal……  Our military will have been reduced to just another 2nd or 3rd rate force……  Think I am wrong?   I don’t……..  Click the pic for the story…


I have just learned that President Obama plans to shift all the military retiree medical into the Obamacare’s state-run insurance exchanges by making Tri-Care costs so high and prohibited that most if not all retirees will be forced into exchanges.  This draconian plan is beyond the pale in design and intent and we retirees and veterans will not stand for this atrocious plan.  We vets will find it impossible to support ANY member of Congress that supports this plan.  We will make our voices be heard during your next election cycle should you vote in favor of this extraordinarily repugnant plan. We will be watching your actions and votes on this issue.

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