1. #1 by jacob jeremiah lopez on 08/27/2012 - 4:49 am

    1 barak hussien obama
    2 balak hussan osama
    Well as i carry on revealing truth i hope alex king who i learned from myself will help me pass the message around as he is wordpress and we’re gonna step on the backs of real cockroaches called politians.
    Illuminati look up child porn.
    Gop stands for govern of people
    under who? The pope isnt it obvious we are still slaves to taxes they call tithes.
    The royal family may be over the president
    or as a say the (pres)i didnt vote for.
    Why would you follow christ?
    Oh cause he is sinless?
    Then why did he curse a fig tree out of season fig tree?
    E = morse code ^2
    meaning german giest
    he was probably crazy or briliant although energy cant be infinite in a finite reality.
    Or he was hearing the noises picked up in space which i heard bout god knows how long again.

    Land of wandering is egypt cause that is where the people of KAIN went most likely cause all can see the garden of eden today look left look right you are in it.bible is pretty much history from peseant prespect.

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