Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon.. Click the pic for the story

I have been predicting that I will for some time.  His “Executive Privilege” order, in my opinion pretty much solidifies it.  The only reason for the order would be to keep something from the public that would prove to be embarrassing, such as, Obama not only knew of F&F, but approved of it.  Its a matter of what he knew and when he knew it.  This whole scandal will be about the death of a Boarder Patrol Officer and guns being given to drug lords in Mexico, PLUS a plan by the ATF to use F&F service of supplying guns across the border as an excuse to attack the 2nd amendment, which by the way, Hillary is trying to do by signing on the UN Inter-America gun treaty.  After all, what brought down Richard Nixon, was his cover-up of a break-in into a DNC office in the Watergate Hotel.  No one died as a result of his actions.  Obama, on the other hand, how many Mexican citizens have been killed by this program?  We know of hundreds, and at least 1 US Law Enforcement Officer…….  You see the difference?………..

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 06/23/2012 - 10:56 am

    Obama is immune to any punishment by any actions he may take as Commander in Chief. All the truthful lies he has said since his rise from the public sector have been ignored by the government and the news media. All the socialist we have sitting in the White House will support him and if he is allowed to serve another term as Commander in Chief, which the probability is very high, we might as well take down our Stars and Stripes from the front of our houses as we will be singled out for punishment by the Regime (IRS, Interpool, Islamic Cells, etc) that Obama will lead. Maybe we should consider moving to China so we can go back to work.

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