Is this the harsh reality of the matter? I hope not. Click the pic for the information

According to this article,a TSA Supervisor has come forward and state that the agency has been directed to hire wackos in order to help push the people into accepting the coming police state…..  Well, I really don’t know what to think about this so-called revelation.  Could it be that there are actually people in the Federal Government who are brazen enough to admit to this crazy, out of the blue, unreal,  “conspiracy” of sorts?  The really scary thing is,….  in this administration, I believe it’s possible.  If true, this revelation should stand as a shot across the bow of every citizen in this nation.  Is this where we as a nation and society want to go?  Are all the “alarmist” FEMA campers right?  Has our government been conspiring against us, and if so, will the patriots in the military allow this to happen or will they stand up and say NO?!   This in my opinion, is the crux of the matter.  How patriotic are our military members?  If this is true, I’ll guess we’ll find out…… way or the other..

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