This article goes into depth and explains further, the problems that exist with the Commander and Chiefs Social Security Number.  It is a good read and this is an issue that should not be ignored, just to be found out to be true AFTER he leaves office.  I think this speaks directly to the efforts he has made to keep his history secret; his birth certificate, his college transcripts, his scholarship information, and all the rest.  In my opinion, the reason it is all secret, is simply because all of our suspicions will be proven to be true.  He was born in Kenya, NOT Hawaii, AND he got his scholarships due to his foreign student status.  With all this being “speculated”, one has to ask why any prudent member of Congress has not stepped up and fully vetted this situation in a completely truthful manner (as they are supposed to as their oath of office requires)?  In my opinion there are only 2 possibilities; 1.  They know it and are co-conspirators in usurping the Constitution and are actively deceiving the public, or 2. This one is to hot politically and every Representative and Senator would take a fall….  In either case, as a whole, our nation, our Constitution, us citizens, are screwed and we are no longer a Republic if our elected officials will not do their job and preserve-protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC…….

One thing is certain.  If Obama is re-elected, the USA that we citizens were born into and love, will cease to exist.  He will complete his socialist plans ans we will be nothing more than any other socialist nation that preys on its citizens, who in turn get substandard everything from the mother government…….  Our only hope is to defeat him in Nov and make sure the Republicans feet are held and kept in the fire until we say they are doing a good job.  I firmly believe that neither party has come to grips with the power of the internet.  Our lines of communication are so good, they can’t fart in DC, without us knowing about it 10 minutes later.  They don’t get that yet, but I propose they get a good dose of “us citizens” from this time forward!

  1. #1 by Dina on 08/30/2014 - 8:37 pm

    Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after several days stinlggrug

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