This whole situation is just an example of what the situation is in the United States Federal Government.  We have a government that has been completely infiltrated by the Leftist Liberal/Progressives who in turn are running interference for a President who is not acting in the best interest of the nation and its Peoples.  Along with the Leftists in Congress, he has been able to take unprecedented  unconstitutional actions that will affect everyone in America today.  In this case he has Kathleen Sebelius taking the point on this, trying to hold off Republican Rep. Darrell Issa who has threatened to subpoena the Department of Health and Human Services if it does not turn over documents by Thursday regarding the robbing of Medicare Advantage and placing a program in place that will hide that fact until after the election, thus “buying” the seniors vote, just to string them along until after the election THEN hit them with the truth.  Too late for the seniors, BO already got their vote, then he screws them…….  Dirty politics at it worst.  Deceiving THEN hurting the elderly!  How despicable!  The sickening fact about this situation is that the government is full of these useful idiots that are all hell-bent to destroy our democracy and our nation and follow BO, taking us all over the cliff with him.   This whole situation is so incredibly sad and tragic  not only for the USA, but for the (free) world, as America will no longer be apart of it.  So goes America, so goes the world.  If our economy crumbles, so will everyone else’s , China too.   So you see, the rest of the world has a vested interest in this election AND the rehabilitation of our Republic, getting back to our founding principles and ideals.  I would hope to think that after we get through this crisis, we would take a good hard look at what has transpired, and take steps to make sure the new lessons learned are not forgotten, or miss the opportunity to make the necessary corrections to ensure we don’t go down this road again.  We have seen how a sitting President can violate the Constitution/Bill of Rights, and enumerable other federal laws.  I really think that time has come to add a few more amendments to the Constitution to address these issues.  This MUST be done without regard to how it will affect any political party because it is the nation and the people who are to be protected (from the government) not a political party.  If the current congressional cadre are not up to the job, we must vote people into office that are and will do the necessary work to put our government back on a constitutional path.  I am all in favor of weeding out those in the government who do not ascribe to our founding documents and principles.  These people must be shown the door and sent packing, with prejudice…. They should not be let go without some sort of admonition or censure…  These people were working at causing great harm to our Republic, and in my opinion, should be punished.  These people permeate the entire federal system, it would be difficult and these people are at all levels.  They should all be sought out and summarily dismissed.  We must get back on the path our Fore Fathers envisioned  and be reborn a stronger Republic where its citizens fully enjoy their God Given Rights.  A daunting task.  Are we up to it?  Only time will tell….  I pray we are..

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