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It is being reported that representatives from the UN (United Nations) are going to be monitoring voting/polling locations through-out the country and I would like to know if any are going to be monitoring our vote by mail process here in Washington State?  If so, the citizens of this state have a right to know if this in fact is going to happen.  Please reply as soon as possible as we are only 15 days out from the election date.

 Thank You

Good evening,

I checked with our co-directors of elections and they have not heard of any international representatives coming to Washington State to monitor our elections processes.  That being said, however, it is not uncommon for international representatives to visit American states to observe elections, with the purpose of learning techniques that may be beneficial to emerging new democracies.


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Carolyn Berger

Elections Division

Office of the Secretary of State

Phone:  360.902.4180





  1. #1 by Rick L. on 01/10/2013 - 5:59 pm

    I don’t care what the secretary of state has to say. It’s all lies anyway. I can only guess what monitoring the elections by the U.N. has to do with anything. I find it curious that there were no findings of corrupt groups like Acorn or other serious voting fraud this time around. And with the low turnout of supporters on obama’s campaign tour and he still got elected? Hmmmmph! This would still lead me to think that voting has no effect on what the few that control this country want. And just by the fact that the U.N. was there to oversee things also is a heads up to me that someone wanted to make sure the election went the way they wanted. I mean here in this state, and I know we over run by voting illegals, and still a tax increase passed. Who in there right mind would vote for increasing the taxes when taxes are already driving businesses out of business and the state. Maybe it’s because they don’t know how to read or pay taxes. Hey, their all getting a free ride anyway. So what’s it to them? Still I feel the entire voting system is a joke and is irrellavent to our government and the powers that be.

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