Yea, you read that right..  I am at a loss on explaining how this could be a good thing for the American People.  Are they (The Feds) afraid that in the event of an emergency (martial law) that US troops will not fire on US citizens if ordered to?  This is beyond the pale and unacceptable on so many levels it is beyond explanation.  THERE NEEDS TO BE A FULL AND COMPLETE EXPOSE’ AND INVESTIGATION DONE ON THIS NOW!!!  Here are the reports:



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The idiocy of these young people is outrageous and they are all so eager to allow BO to destroy our nation and “fundamentally transform” it into a socialistic nation.  It sickens me and scares me because these kids will vote for him, not knowing anything about him, except what they have been told.  Like a bunch of lemmings, they will march right off the cliff with him, taking us with them……..

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Opps! I’ve been found out………..

Yup, our “Middle Class” girl has been found out.  She touts herself as one of the 99%ers but in all actuality, she is in the 1%er league.  Click the pic for the story on her finances and lifestyle.  She seems to be talking some, shall we say, untruths?  I’m afraid to say what I really think because I would probably have some Dem thugs beating down my door…….

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This article in the American Spectator is right on the mark.  It’s about time that the Democrat party was exposed for what it is, a race baiting, class warfare, hate-mongering bunch that lies and lies just to bamboozle the ignorant and simple-minded folks who don’t know enough or have the resources to go and get the historical facts about how their party is THE party that stood int he way of equal rights for minorities and Blacks EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!  It is the Republican party that has always championed equal rights for all.  It was Abe Lincoln who freed the slaves and it was and IS the Republican party that has always stood up for those who couldn’t, AND NOT LIE ABOUT IT!  Click the pic for the story.

UPDATED 090512

Click HERE for another report on this subject.

These people hate God too….  All I can do is shake my head.  WOW!!  All of this on display for all of the world to see…….

More Democrat hate and vile.  Click here and watch the video and read the transcript for the full verbiage this pig used..

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Until I heard Dick Morris on Hannity today, I thought that we were going to be ok on this issue because it takes 2/3rds of the Senate to ratify any treaty, and since there is no way 2/3rds of the Senate would sign on to this, we were going to be good. Well, according to Dick Morris, in this case, this is not true. According to him, because the United States is a signator of the Geneva Conventions (I think this is what he said, I was driving and a little distracted, but the rest was clear), it will become binding upon the signature of the President and will remain so until the Senate votes to renounce it along with the President and Sec. of State. This of course will not happen if we lose these elections and even in the event of a lame duck senate, they will try to push this crap through. I urge you all to share this as much as possible and pass the word. Sign the petition and state your displeasure in the body of the letter to your Reps like I did.This is nothing short of an “End Run” around the Constitution and the will of the American Citizens and cannot be allowed to succeed.  These people MUST pay the political price at the polls this election cycle.  NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THE FACT , it is the Dems who are working feverishly to get your guns and turn this nation into just another socialist European nation and they must be taken out of office now!



After doing a lot of detective work, I was able to decipher what is really going on with this issue.  First, it was not the Geneva Convention that Morris cited.  It was the Vienna Convention.  Most of the hub-bub is about section 12 of this document which basically outlines the binding nature of the document via the signators.  After finding this information I was lead to Richard Nixon who sent this to the Senate; 

Now you will read on this document; 185 – Message to the Senate Transmitting the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the Optional Protocol Concerning the Compulsory Settlement of Disputes  May 5, 1969.  I underline the key thing here…  Finding this, I went to Thomas/Library of Congress  and did a search for treaty “Vienna Convention”.  This is what is shown for the treaty in question;

Type:   International Law and Organization
Countries:   un–multilateral
Formal Title:   The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, signed for the United States on April 24, 1970

Legislative Actions   

Floor Action:   November 22, 1971 – Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations by unanimous consent.

Committee Action:   August 03, 1972 – Committee on Foreign Relations. Hearings held.
Committee Action:   August 08, 1972 – Committee on Foreign Relations. Committee consideration held.
Committee Action:   September 07, 1972 – Committee on Foreign Relations. Ordered to be reported with understandings and interpretation.
Committee Action:   September 19, 1972 – Committee on Foreign Relations. Committee consideration held.
Committee Action:   November 08, 1973 – Committee on Foreign Relations. Committee consideration held.
Committee Action:   April 30, 1974 – Committee on Foreign Relations. Committee consideration held. Index Terms :  
T.DOC. 92-12
Control Number:  092TD00012
So as you can see, it was tabled and not ratified.  Therefore is non sequitur as it relates to this case in question.  Now there is another Vienna Convention treaty that WAS ratified, and that was  “VIENNA CONVENTION ON CONSULAR RELATIONS WITH OPTIONAL PROTOCOL”.  The information is as follows:
Treaty Number:   91-5
Old Number:   Ex. E, 91st Congress, 1st Session
Transmitted:   May 05, 1969
Type:   Consular
Countries:   n/a
Senate Executive Report(s):   91-9
Related Document(s):   Ex. Rept. 91-9

Legislative Actions   

Floor Action:   May 05, 1969 – Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations by unanimous consent.
Floor Action:   October 21, 1969 – Reported by Senator Fulbright Committee on Foreign Relations, with printed report – Ex.Rept. 91-9.
Floor Action:   October 22, 1969 – Resolution of advice and consent to ratification agreed to in Senate by Yea-Nay vote. 81-0. Record Vote No: 130 EX. Index Terms :  
Control Number:  091TD00005
So with all this being said, it looks like Dick Morris is a little off base on this issue.  This Vienna Convention treaty has nothing to do with the subject matter at hand so it seems that the Senate will still have to ratify this Arms treaty should Hillary and Obama sign us into it.  From all the reporting I am finding, it will be DOA in the Senate as there ae more than enough votes to kill it.  Below I am including a bunch of links that lead me to my conclusions.  I hope this information helps.    Go to Thomas and research 91st and 92nd congress/senate vienna convention.  Here will be the definitive data on the subject…

UPDATED 080112

The UN failed their attempt at this nefarious plan.  Click HERE for the details.

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According to this 2011 report from, Senator Maria Cantwell has done pretty well in the US Senate.  According to this report she is reportedly worth anywhere from $2 million dollars to $10 million dollars.  So, I am to surmise that Obama’s rhetoric about the evil million and billionaires, she is one of those he is talking about?  I guess so, but look at the company she has as a Millionaire.  Seems like the vast majority of the “D”s are in that catagory too.  It all seems a little schizophrenic that they spew hate about how the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes, and they are them….if you catch my point…  check out this spreadsheet with totals and averages I computed so you can make an easy comparison as to your net worth, and theirs.    If I was Michael Baumgartner, who is challenging her for her Senate seat, I would make sure that this information was used in his campaign. Oh, by the way; Check out Patty Murrays wealth too.  The “Mom in tennis shoes” seems to be doing well too, but I have a hard time believing it….Way too low when compared to her peers…..  Hey, I’m just sayin’……..
Name chamber Party Min. Net Worth Average Net Worth Max. Net Worth
John Kerry (D-Mass) S D $181,469,521 $231,722,794 $281,976,067
Mark Warner (D-Va) S D $76,372,212 $192,730,605 $309,088,999
Herb Kohl (D-Wis) S D $88,228,026 $173,538,010 $258,847,994
Jared Polis (D-Colo) H D $57,944,127 $143,218,562 $228,492,998
Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) H D $5,946,075 $101,123,032 $196,299,990
Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa) S D $61,632,019 $99,057,011 $136,482,003
Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) S D $55,073,211 $85,572,116 $116,071,021
Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) S D $55,119,731 $73,151,590 $91,183,450
Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif) S D $44,386,225 $69,046,622 $93,707,020
Nita M. Lowey (D-NY) H D $15,395,036 $41,210,018 $67,025,000
Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) H D $7,796,017 $28,605,505 $49,414,994
Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) S D $17,900,212 $26,511,109 $35,122,006
Kay R. Hagan (D-NC) S D $3,139,633 $18,750,305 $34,360,977
Rosa L. DeLauro (D-Conn) H D $5,844,020 $16,626,008 $27,407,996
Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) S D $10,276,123 $16,597,062 $22,918,001
Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) S D $6,895,272 $16,251,135 $25,606,999
Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) H D $8,276,090 $15,008,544 $21,740,999
Shelley Berkley (D-Nev) H D $7,236,882 $13,662,359 $20,087,837
Jackie Speier (D-Calif) H D $4,506,072 $12,517,035 $20,527,999
Michael F. Bennet (D-Colo) S D $4,986,027 $12,225,513 $19,465,000
Ben Nelson (D-Neb) S D $6,562,096 $10,180,548 $13,799,001
John A. Yarmuth (D-Ky) H D $2,851,010 $9,608,004 $16,364,999
Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) S D $3,475,226 $8,883,112 $14,290,999
Al Franken (D-Minn) S D $4,554,050 $8,747,525 $12,941,000
Jim Cooper (D-Tenn) H D $3,712,040 $7,472,020 $11,232,000
Joe Manchin (D-WVa) S D $3,697,087 $7,177,543 $10,658,000
John Garamendi (D-Calif) H D $1,922,009 $6,948,503 $11,974,997
Ron Wyden (D-Ore) S D $5,734,033 $6,847,018 $7,960,004
Harry Reid (D-Nev) S D $3,302,053 $6,806,026 $10,309,999
Kurt Schrader (D-Ore) H D $3,922,063 $6,401,531 $8,881,000
Heath Shuler (D-NC) H D $1,839,026 $6,275,511 $10,711,997
Maria Cantwell (D-Wash) S D $2,037,012 $6,163,505 $10,289,999
James Webb (D-Va) S D $1,313,190 $6,131,593 $10,949,997
Chris Coons (D-Del) S D $3,021,182 $5,281,178 $7,541,174
Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore) H D $2,458,047 $4,924,520 $7,390,993
Tom Carper (D-Del) S D $2,058,157 $4,607,078 $7,155,999
Niki Tsongas (D-Mass) H D $1,252,045 $4,566,021 $7,879,998
Al Green (D-Texas) H D $1,665,011 $4,532,505 $7,399,999
William R. Keating (D-Mass) H D $1,678,053 $4,415,026 $7,152,000
Peter Welch (D-Vt) H D $2,287,107 $4,396,553 $6,506,000
Jim Himes (D-Conn) H D $2,603,051 $4,324,025 $6,045,000
Pete Stark (D-Calif) H D ($19,177,982) $3,963,507 $27,104,997
Bill Nelson (D-Fla) S D $1,480,007 $3,765,503 $6,051,000
John Barrow (D-Ga) H D $1,501,003 $3,758,001 $6,015,000
Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) H D $1,678,161 $3,753,658 $5,829,156
Jim Costa (D-Calif) H D $869,009 $3,614,503 $6,359,998
Steven R. Rothman (D-NJ) H D $1,920,058 $3,485,529 $5,051,000
Ben Cardin (D-Md) S D $1,900,080 $3,477,540 $5,055,000
Barbara Boxer (D-Calif) S D $1,267,008 $3,449,004 $5,631,000
Bill Pascrell Jr (D-NJ) H D $2,026,041 $3,386,520 $4,747,000
Bill Owens (D-NY) H D $1,985,032 $3,306,015 $4,626,999
John D. Dingell (D-Mich) H D $1,656,093 $3,250,546 $4,845,000
Barney Frank (D-Mass) H D $1,903,069 $3,236,534 $4,570,000
Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) S D $1,968,020 $3,186,509 $4,404,999
James P. McGovern (D-Mass) H D $602,012 $2,853,505 $5,104,999
Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa) H D $1,699,042 $2,830,021 $3,961,000
Mary L. Landrieu (D-La) S D $2,031,021 $2,685,511 $3,340,001
David Price (D-NC) H D $1,369,078 $2,665,539 $3,962,000
Stephen Ira Cohen (D-Tenn) H D $1,344,074 $2,589,537 $3,835,000
Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) S D $479,021 $2,579,507 $4,679,993
Tom Udall (D-NM) S D $1,511,036 $2,551,518 $3,592,000
Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif) H D $252,003 $2,466,000 $4,679,998
Kent Conrad (D-ND) S D $1,447,043 $2,454,021 $3,461,000
Nick Rahall (D-WVa) H D $1,923,383 $2,445,377 $2,967,372
Gary Peters (D-Mich) H D $797,165 $2,420,582 $4,043,999
Louise M. Slaughter (D-NY) H D $1,464,018 $2,387,009 $3,310,000
Susan A. Davis (D-Calif) H D $1,302,051 $2,383,525 $3,464,999
Mazie K. Hirono (D-Hawaii) H D $1,350,034 $2,362,516 $3,374,999
Mark Begich (D-Alaska) S D $96,052 $2,272,023 $4,447,995
Sam Farr (D-Calif) H D $1,319,021 $2,114,510 $2,910,000
Peter DeFazio (D-Ore) H D $1,067,020 $2,104,008 $3,140,996
Daniel Lipinski (D-Ill) H D $1,043,059 $2,045,029 $3,047,000
Gerry Connolly (D-Va) H D $998,048 $2,001,523 $3,004,998
Jim Langevin (D-RI) H D $696,026 $1,988,011 $3,279,997
Joe Lieberman (D-Conn) S D $907,082 $1,981,541 $3,056,000
Judy Chu (D-Calif) H D $1,099,025 $1,917,012 $2,735,000
Colleen Hanabusa (D-Hawaii) H D $1,061,013 $1,888,506 $2,715,999
Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md) H D $1,035,044 $1,855,522 $2,676,000
Sander Levin (D-Mich) H D $1,497,127 $1,846,624 $2,196,122
Anna Eshoo (D-Calif) H D $1,116,011 $1,841,505 $2,567,000
Luis V. Gutierrez (D-Ill) H D $1,053,014 $1,774,507 $2,496,000
Dan Boren (D-Okla) H D $925,018 $1,768,008 $2,610,998
G. K. Butterfield (D-NC) H D $1,158,645 $1,759,135 $2,359,625
Brad Sherman (D-Calif) H D $499,019 $1,731,008 $2,962,998
Mike Thompson (D-Calif) H D $846,010 $1,730,504 $2,614,999
Carl Levin (D-Mich) S D $1,029,016 $1,694,508 $2,360,000
Jeff Merkley (D-Ore) S D $530,026 $1,640,511 $2,750,996
Robert A. Brady (D-Pa) H D $1,080,007 $1,640,503 $2,201,000
Xavier Becerra (D-Calif) H D $611,059 $1,588,528 $2,565,998
Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif) H D $796,036 $1,555,518 $2,315,000
Rush Holt (D-NJ) H D $146,014 $1,531,005 $2,915,997
Edward J. Markey (D-Mass) H D $868,025 $1,494,512 $2,121,000
Doris O. Matsui (D-Calif) H D $824,021 $1,467,010 $2,110,000
Mark Udall (D-Colo) S D $685,048 $1,405,524 $2,126,000
Frederica S. Wilson (D-Fla) H D $813,012 $1,329,006 $1,845,000
Timothy H. Bishop (D-NY) H D $851,005 $1,283,002 $1,715,000
Diana DeGette (D-Colo) H D $724,025 $1,267,012 $1,810,000
Michael E. Capuano (D-Mass) H D $261,028 $1,262,011 $2,262,995
Charles B. Rangel (D-NY) H D $719,019 $1,252,009 $1,785,000
Pete Visclosky (D-Ind) H D $664,024 $1,225,012 $1,786,000
Howard L. Berman (D-Calif) H D $1,139,171 $1,181,670 $1,224,169
Kathy Castor (D-Fla) H D $575,035 $1,164,017 $1,753,000
Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif) H D $625,020 $1,150,510 $1,676,000
Jon Tester (D-Mont) S D $752,004 $1,141,002 $1,530,000
John W. Olver (D-Mass) H D $604,018 $1,119,509 $1,635,000
Dick Durbin (D-Ill) S D $999,551 $1,099,550 $1,199,549
Ed Pastor (D-Ariz) H D $614,012 $1,072,005 $1,529,998
Leonard L. Boswell (D-Iowa) H D $650,003 $1,067,501 $1,484,999
Adam Schiff (D-Calif) H D $544,032 $1,052,016 $1,560,000
Maxine Waters (D-Calif) H D ($3,495,980) $1,013,009 $5,521,998
Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) S D $631,006 $998,003 $1,365,000
Daniel K. Akaka (D-Hawaii) S D $619,008 $990,504 $1,362,000
Edwin G. Perlmutter (D-Colo) H D $513,038 $967,519 $1,422,000
David N. Cicilline (D-RI) H D $502,004 $966,001 $1,429,999
Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif) H D $519,024 $964,512 $1,410,000
Jim Matheson (D-Utah) H D $543,025 $956,512 $1,370,000
Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) H D $470,014 $935,005 $1,399,997
Patty Murray (D-Wash) S D $513,018 $916,509 $1,320,000
Ron Kind (D-Wis) H D $202,024 $909,510 $1,616,997
Melvin L. Watt (D-NC) H D $399,043 $905,021 $1,411,000
Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo) H D $498,013 $891,506 $1,285,000
Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz) H D $291,035 $865,516 $1,439,998
Gary Ackerman (D-NY) H D $457,022 $862,510 $1,267,999
Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) S D $472,019 $851,009 $1,230,000
Tim Johnson (D-SD) S D $372,035 $828,017 $1,284,000
Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md) H D ($243,990) $815,502 $1,874,994
Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) H D $436,018 $800,509 $1,165,000
Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss) H D $370,026 $773,013 $1,176,000
Jim McDermott (D-Wash) H D $729,258 $767,756 $806,254
Marcia L. Fudge (D-Ohio) H D $458,012 $764,006 $1,070,000
Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) H D $500,001 $750,000 $1,000,000
Bob Filner (D-Calif) H D $353,017 $742,008 $1,130,999
Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) S D $435,010 $730,005 $1,025,000
Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn) S D $345,029 $724,514 $1,104,000
Norm Dicks (D-Wash) H D $432,007 $706,003 $980,000
George Miller (D-Calif) H D $259,013 $668,006 $1,076,999
Ben Chandler (D-Ky) H D $377,013 $654,006 $931,000
Mike Honda (D-Calif) H D $369,010 $639,505 $910,000
John F. Tierney (D-Mass) H D $331,015 $636,007 $941,000
Ted Deutch (D-Fla) H D $345,015 $635,007 $925,000
Donald M. Payne (D-NJ) H D $181,014 $628,006 $1,074,998
Stephen F. Lynch (D-Mass) H D $6,009 $623,503 $1,240,998
Betty Sue Sutton (D-Ohio) H D $328,023 $613,511 $899,000
Dale E. Kildee (D-Mich) H D $346,009 $606,004 $866,000
Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) H D $33,011 $589,004 $1,144,998
Jack Reed (D-RI) S D $196,042 $568,521 $941,000
Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis) H D $169,006 $564,502 $959,998
Robert E. Andrews (D-NJ) H D $299,010 $547,504 $795,999
Tim Holden (D-Pa) H D $290,020 $547,010 $804,000
Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) H D $303,017 $537,008 $771,000
Mike Michaud (D-Maine) H D $253,022 $524,011 $795,000
Gene Green (D-Texas) H D $295,006 $522,503 $750,000
John Carney (D-Del) H D $185,031 $517,515 $850,000
John Sarbanes (D-Md) H D $260,014 $517,507 $775,000
Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif) H D $271,013 $501,006 $731,000
David Loebsack (D-Iowa) H D $228,017 $499,008 $770,000
Mark Critz (D-Pa) H D $235,017 $492,508 $750,000
Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif) H D $276,011 $490,505 $705,000
Frank Pallone Jr (D-NJ) H D $22,052 $473,525 $924,998
Danny K. Davis (D-Ill) H D $282,014 $460,507 $639,000
Karen Bass (D-Calif) H D $265,005 $458,002 $651,000
Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) H D $206,016 $435,508 $665,000
Robert Menendez (D-NJ) S D $217,005 $423,502 $629,999
Adam Smith (D-Wash) H D $190,015 $407,507 $625,000
Barbara Lee (D-Calif) H D $252,006 $392,503 $533,000
Rick Larsen (D-Wash) H D $155,023 $390,511 $626,000
James E. Clyburn (D-SC) H D $220,772 $388,267 $555,763
David Scott (D-Ga) H D ($248,997) $383,001 $1,014,999
Joe Courtney (D-Conn) H D $133,021 $364,010 $595,000
Bob Casey (D-Pa) S D $159,019 $361,009 $563,000
Jerry F. Costello (D-Ill) H D $195,005 $347,502 $500,000
Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md) S D $156,016 $336,508 $517,000
Russ Carnahan (D-Mo) H D $151,003 $328,001 $504,999
Jay Inslee (D-Wash) H D $106,023 $323,511 $541,000
Hansen Clarke (D-Mich) H D $163,009 $304,004 $445,000
Mike Ross (D-Ark) H D $128,010 $304,004 $479,999
Chris Van Hollen (D-Md) H D $148,007 $296,503 $445,000
John B. Larson (D-Conn) H D $135,008 $280,004 $425,000
Jason Altmire (D-Pa) H D $149,009 $279,504 $410,000
Jesse Jackson Jr (D-Ill) H D $111,015 $276,507 $442,000
Collin C. Peterson (D-Minn) H D $136,010 $263,005 $390,000
Chaka Fattah (D-Pa) H D $150,002 $250,001 $350,000
Brad Miller (D-NC) H D $42,028 $248,514 $455,000
Timothy J. Walz (D-Minn) H D ($102,992) $247,502 $597,996
Edolphus Towns (D-NY) H D ($290,985) $239,506 $769,997
Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill) H D $12,025 $223,012 $433,999
Linda Sanchez (D-Calif) H D ($243,978) $218,009 $679,997
Joseph Crowley (D-NY) H D $32,019 $211,009 $389,999
Robert C. Scott (D-Va) H D ($352,944) $209,025 $770,995
Eliot L. Engel (D-NY) H D $68,005 $199,002 $329,999
Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) H D $102,004 $191,502 $281,000
Albio Sires (D-NJ) H D $97,006 $188,503 $280,000
Mike Doyle (D-Pa) H D $15,003 $175,000 $334,998
Joe Donnelly (D-Ind) H D $76,010 $174,005 $272,000
Raul M. Grijalva (D-Ariz) H D $37,010 $163,504 $289,999
Brian M. Higgins (D-NY) H D $16,011 $146,005 $275,999
Patrick Leahy (D-Vt) S D $49,007 $129,503 $210,000
Richard E. Neal (D-Mass) H D $67,010 $126,505 $186,000
Mike McIntyre (D-NC) H D $67,006 $124,503 $182,000
Lois Capps (D-Calif) H D ($3,974,987) $113,006 $4,200,999
Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY) H D $35,007 $105,003 $175,000
Larry Kissell (D-NC) H D ($6,991) $94,004 $194,999
Christopher S. Murphy (D-Conn) H D ($28,992) $90,503 $209,998
Betty McCollum (D-Minn) H D $11,011 $88,005 $165,000
Max Baucus (D-Mont) S D $10,010 $85,005 $160,000
John Lewis (D-Ga) H D $9,009 $72,004 $135,000
Martin Heinrich (D-NM) H D $19,015 $69,507 $120,000
Charlie A. Gonzalez (D-Texas) H D ($163,995) $58,501 $280,998
Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md) H D $18,005 $57,002 $96,000
Mike Quigley (D-Ill) H D ($34,998) $42,500 $119,998
Ben R. Lujan (D-NM) H D $16,002 $40,501 $65,000
Gwen Moore (D-Wis) H D $5,005 $40,002 $75,000
Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) H D $4,007 $33,503 $63,000
Jose E. Serrano (D-NY) H D $15,001 $32,500 $50,000
William L. Clay Jr (D-Mo) H D $4,004 $32,002 $60,000
Donna Edwards (D-Md) H D $16,423 $30,921 $45,420
Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) H D $1,002 $28,001 $55,000
Joe Baca (D-Calif) H D $3,004 $24,502 $46,000
Cedric L. Richmond (D-La) H D ($48,996) $19,001 $86,998
Jerry McNerney (D-Calif) H D $1,003 $9,001 $17,000
Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) H D $1,002 $8,501 $16,000
Mark Pryor (D-Ark) S D $1,001 $8,500 $16,000
Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas) H D $1,001 $8,000 $15,000
Paul Tonko (D-NY) H D $1,001 $8,000 $15,000
Corrine Brown (D-Fla) H D ($12,998) $3,501 $20,000
Hank Johnson (D-Ga) H D $0 $0 $0
Gregory W. Meeks (D-NY) H D $0 $0 $0
Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill) H D $0 $0 $0
Jim Moran (D-Va) H D $0 $0 $0
Keith Ellison (D-Minn) H D ($47,994) ($14,497) $18,999
Andre Carson (D-Ind) H D ($82,996) ($25,998) $30,999
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla) H D ($289,989) ($27,496) $234,997
Deborah Ann Stabenow (D-Mich) S D ($50,000) ($32,500) ($15,001)
Steve Israel (D-NY) H D ($134,998) ($55,000) $24,998
Grace Napolitano (D-Calif) H D ($448,997) ($91,999) $264,998
John Conyers Jr (D-Mich) H D ($199,999) ($120,001) ($40,003)
Nydia M. Velazquez (D-NY) H D ($4,248,997) ($146,999) $3,954,998
Sanford D. Bishop Jr (D-Ga) H D ($430,990) ($159,496) $111,998
Terri Sewell (D-Ala) H D ($851,983) ($173,493) $504,996
Laura Richardson (D-Calif) H D ($1,230,988) ($383,496) $463,996
Ruben Hinojosa (D-Texas) H D ($5,110,972) ($2,500,488) $109,996
Alcee L. Hastings (D-Fla) H D ($7,348,999) ($4,732,002) ($2,115,006)
totals $824,280,165 $1,707,419,416 $2,590,558,777 $1,707,419,453
Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) S I ($56,988) $429,004 $914,996
Darrell Issa (R-Calif) H R $195,400,035 $448,125,017 $700,850,000
Michael McCaul (R-Texas) H R $258,618,051 $380,411,527 $502,205,003
Vernon Buchanan (R-Fla) H R ($50,724,701) $136,152,641 $323,029,983
Bob Corker (R-Tenn) S R $11,679,048 $59,550,022 $107,420,996
James E. Risch (R-Idaho) S R $19,454,055 $54,088,026 $88,721,997
Kenny Marchant (R-Texas) H R $28,276,794 $49,340,275 $70,403,757
Gary Miller (R-Calif) H R $17,454,056 $46,008,028 $74,562,000
Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) H R $20,350,188 $42,900,594 $65,451,000
James B. Renacci (R-Ohio) H R $32,345,756 $42,060,709 $51,775,662
Mike Kelly (R-Pa) H R $7,903,037 $34,612,518 $61,321,999
Trent Franks (R-Ariz) H R $11,600,005 $33,925,002 $56,250,000
Richard A. Berg (R-ND) H R $12,146,147 $33,562,590 $54,979,033
Diane Lynn Black (R-Tenn) H R ($7,315,946) $31,272,522 $69,860,990
Tom Petri (R-Wis) H R $10,346,025 $28,106,012 $45,865,999
Richard L Hanna (R-NY) H R $13,725,124 $27,837,562 $41,950,000
Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) S R $9,839,049 $27,213,024 $44,587,000
Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) H R $11,188,102 $26,654,549 $42,120,996
Ron Johnson (R-Wis) S R $8,181,014 $22,949,507 $37,718,000
Steve Pearce (R-NM) H R $8,033,014 $22,639,007 $37,245,000
Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn) S R $9,651,050 $22,538,024 $35,424,999
Scott Rigell (R-Va) H R $7,819,054 $21,969,526 $36,119,998
John Hoeven (R-ND) S R ($12,073,898) $21,622,050 $55,317,999
John Campbell (R-Calif) H R $8,438,067 $20,731,033 $33,024,000
Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine) S R $9,426,053 $19,348,026 $29,270,000
F. James Sensenbrenner Jr (R-Wis) H R $15,678,876 $18,730,850 $21,782,825
Fred Upton (R-Mich) H R $7,762,217 $16,288,608 $24,814,999
John McCain (R-Ariz) S R $9,249,289 $16,017,639 $22,785,990
Nan Hayworth (R-NY) H R $9,347,241 $15,905,120 $22,463,000
Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) S R $6,224,066 $15,842,033 $25,460,000
Cynthia Marie Lummis (R-Wyo) H R $5,551,023 $14,822,011 $24,092,999
Tom Price (R-Ga) H R $9,469,876 $12,204,367 $14,938,858
Johnny Isakson (R-Ga) S R $6,440,115 $11,975,057 $17,509,999
Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) H R $5,172,075 $11,553,036 $17,933,997
James M. Inhofe (R-Okla) S R $5,100,056 $11,288,027 $17,475,999
John Fleming (R-La) H R $2,655,824 $10,172,792 $17,689,760
Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo) H R $3,154,027 $8,894,512 $14,634,997
Rob Portman (R-Ohio) S R $1,325,069 $8,804,534 $16,283,999
David B. McKinley (R-WVa) H R $4,444,076 $8,777,538 $13,111,000
David Dreier (R-Calif) H R $4,212,087 $8,496,043 $12,780,000
Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala) S R $4,927,043 $8,341,022 $11,755,002
Jeffrey M. Landry (R-La) H R $3,326,016 $8,205,506 $13,084,997
William Flores (R-Texas) H R $3,220,016 $7,924,008 $12,628,000
Wally Herger (R-Calif) H R $2,956,018 $7,535,509 $12,115,000
Dave Camp (R-Mich) H R $4,199,146 $7,292,073 $10,385,000
Jon Runyan (R-NJ) H R $3,481,018 $7,053,008 $10,624,998
Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) H R $3,283,053 $6,765,026 $10,247,000
Scott Tipton (R-Colo) H R $2,918,074 $6,506,537 $10,095,000
Charles Bass (R-NH) H R $3,164,021 $6,438,010 $9,712,000
John L. Mica (R-Fla) H R $3,201,011 $6,401,005 $9,600,999
David Schweikert (R-Ariz) H R $1,480,029 $6,165,011 $10,849,994
Dennis Ross (R-Fla) H R $1,990,008 $6,137,503 $10,284,998
Virginia Foxx (R-NC) H R $2,755,037 $5,928,518 $9,102,000
John A. Barrasso (R-Wyo) S R $2,713,015 $5,730,007 $8,747,000
Daniel J. Benishek (R-Mich) H R $3,335,080 $5,645,540 $7,956,000
Judy Biggert (R-Ill) H R $2,147,063 $5,638,531 $9,129,999
Eric Cantor (R-Va) H R $2,893,110 $5,471,054 $8,048,999
Cliff Stearns (R-Fla) H R $2,018,033 $5,458,014 $8,897,996
Roscoe G. Bartlett (R-Md) H R $2,432,016 $5,306,008 $8,180,000
Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) S R $3,082,081 $5,243,540 $7,405,000
Mike Conaway (R-Texas) H R $2,844,117 $5,080,558 $7,317,000
Tom Latham (R-Iowa) H R $2,297,428 $5,025,421 $7,753,415
Denny Rehberg (R-Mont) H R ($2,152,987) $4,988,504 $12,129,996
Phil Gingrey (R-Ga) H R $2,410,035 $4,960,015 $7,509,996
Michael O. Johanns (R-Neb) S R $3,008,038 $4,941,519 $6,875,000
Daniel R. Coats (R-Ind) S R $2,817,054 $4,827,527 $6,838,000
Ander Crenshaw (R-Fla) H R $1,899,018 $4,479,509 $7,060,000
Pete Sessions (R-Texas) H R $2,657,050 $4,420,525 $6,184,000
John Boehner (R-Ohio) H R $2,099,107 $4,092,053 $6,085,000
Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) S R $2,195,097 $3,962,048 $5,729,000
Lamar Smith (R-Texas) H R $2,086,120 $3,925,560 $5,765,000
John Michael “Mick” Mulvaney (R-SC) H R $1,514,081 $3,912,539 $6,310,997
Ken Calvert (R-Calif) H R ($1,899,989) $3,900,002 $9,699,994
Robert B. Aderholt (R-Ala) H R $1,491,019 $3,879,009 $6,267,000
Reid Ribble (R-Wis) H R $833,072 $3,845,064 $6,857,056
Tom Rooney (R-Fla) H R $1,365,008 $3,784,003 $6,202,999
Tom Cole (R-Okla) H R $2,039,077 $3,737,538 $5,436,000
Roy Blunt (R-Mo) S R $1,075,021 $3,717,509 $6,359,998
Leonard Lance (R-NJ) H R $2,216,060 $3,706,030 $5,196,000
Hal Rogers (R-Ky) H R $1,624,344 $3,683,841 $5,743,339
Ron Paul (R) H R $1,939,039 $3,576,519 $5,213,999
Robert Dold (R-Ill) H R $696,022 $3,545,509 $6,394,996
Tim Scott (R-SC) H R $915,004 $3,432,500 $5,949,997
Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo) H R ($2,784,995) $3,407,501 $9,599,998
John Boozman (R-Ark) S R $713,011 $3,405,505 $6,097,999
Jo Bonner (R-Ala) H R $1,075,022 $3,402,509 $5,729,997
Jack Kingston (R-Ga) H R $2,725,768 $3,357,262 $3,988,757
Pat Toomey (R-Pa) S R $1,750,070 $3,250,534 $4,750,999
Jeff Denham (R-Calif) H R $1,000,002 $3,200,000 $5,399,999
Tom Coburn (R-Okla) S R $1,039,236 $3,191,118 $5,343,000
Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) S R $1,654,082 $3,182,541 $4,711,000
Greg Walden (R-Ore) H R $1,804,033 $2,957,016 $4,110,000
Ann Marie Buerkle (R-NY) H R $601,004 $2,850,501 $5,099,998
Steve Southerland (R-Fla) H R $500,004 $2,826,001 $5,151,998
Ed Whitfield (R-Ky) H R $1,479,047 $2,794,523 $4,109,999
Andy Harris (R-Md) H R $1,525,050 $2,787,525 $4,050,000
J. Randy Forbes (R-Va) H R ($12,690) $2,749,302 $5,511,295
Charles J. Fleischmann (R-Tenn) H R $2,098,812 $2,723,807 $3,348,803
John Carter (R-Texas) H R $415,002 $2,617,499 $4,819,996
Phil Roe (R-Tenn) H R $2,151,381 $2,611,376 $3,071,372
Dean Heller (R-Nev) S R $2,274,118 $2,426,114 $2,578,110
Billy Long (R-Mo) H R $461,037 $2,406,516 $4,351,996
Tom Graves (R-Ga) H R $1,508,015 $2,339,007 $3,170,000
Robert E. Latta (R-Ohio) H R $1,345,035 $2,298,017 $3,251,000
Mike D. Rogers (R-Ala) H R $1,370,018 $2,252,508 $3,134,999
Thad Cochran (R-Miss) S R $974,079 $2,100,539 $3,227,000
Paul Ryan (R-Wis) H R $927,100 $2,067,050 $3,207,000
Howard Coble (R-NC) H R $1,282,073 $2,046,052 $2,810,031
Bill Cassidy (R-La) H R $850,054 $1,972,526 $3,094,999
Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) H R $1,515,342 $1,924,838 $2,334,334
Michael Burgess (R-Texas) H R $926,085 $1,903,542 $2,880,999
Bob Goodlatte (R-Va) H R $1,087,045 $1,884,522 $2,682,000
Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) H R $1,063,025 $1,841,512 $2,620,000
Dan Burton (R-Ind) H R $1,118,019 $1,819,009 $2,520,000
Austin Scott (R-Ga) H R $1,173,882 $1,814,872 $2,455,863
Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) H R $912,018 $1,783,508 $2,654,998
Shelley Moore Capito (R-WVa) H R $506,060 $1,732,028 $2,957,997
Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) S R $897,040 $1,669,020 $2,441,000
David Vitter (R-La) S R $801,061 $1,640,530 $2,480,000
Timothy V. Johnson (R-Ill) H R $942,030 $1,636,015 $2,330,000
Elton Gallegly (R-Calif) H R $262,021 $1,633,509 $3,004,997
Richard Burr (R-NC) S R $981,085 $1,584,080 $2,187,075
Scott P. Brown (R-Mass) S R $835,106 $1,542,594 $2,250,082
Pete Olson (R-Texas) H R $709,034 $1,397,017 $2,085,000
Chip Cravaack (R-Minn) H R $843,018 $1,394,009 $1,945,000
Louis J. Barletta (R-Pa) H R $169,105 $1,391,551 $2,613,998
Charles W. Boustany Jr (R-La) H R $1,053,449 $1,384,945 $1,716,441
Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash) H R $421,020 $1,338,009 $2,254,998
Patrick J. Tiberi (R-Ohio) H R $608,033 $1,332,015 $2,055,998
Larry D. Bucshon (R-Ind) H R $646,052 $1,318,526 $1,991,000
Tom Reed (R-NY) H R $784,011 $1,297,505 $1,810,999
Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio) H R $533,041 $1,296,519 $2,059,998
Brian P. Bilbray (R-Calif) H R $1,111,014 $1,272,509 $1,434,004
Bill Shuster (R-Pa) H R $674,033 $1,214,516 $1,755,000
Mike Enzi (R-Wyo) S R $440,067 $1,159,033 $1,878,000
Candice S. Miller (R-Mich) H R $632,022 $1,157,011 $1,682,000
Ralph M. Hall (R-Texas) H R $750,006 $1,150,003 $1,550,000
Steven Palazzo (R-Miss) H R $462,023 $1,126,010 $1,789,998
Sam Graves (R-Mo) H R $515,013 $1,108,005 $1,700,998
Mike Coffman (R-Colo) H R $400,007 $1,075,002 $1,749,998
Peter Roskam (R-Ill) H R $491,046 $1,040,523 $1,590,000
Bobby Schilling (R-Ill) H R $487,008 $988,503 $1,489,998
Paul Gosar (R-Ariz) H R $515,003 $982,501 $1,449,999
Doc Hastings (R-Wash) H R $589,013 $962,006 $1,335,000
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla) H R $604,008 $957,504 $1,311,000
Lindsey Graham (R-SC) S R $489,790 $881,786 $1,273,783
Steve Stivers (R-Ohio) H R $431,038 $877,019 $1,323,000
Jeff Duncan (R-SC) H R $338,018 $864,507 $1,390,996
Kelly A. Ayotte (R-NH) S R $422,014 $863,506 $1,304,998
Connie Mack (R-Fla) H R ($3,927) $856,036 $1,715,999
Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif) H R ($4,928) $848,035 $1,700,999
Ben Quayle (R-Ariz) H R $138,089 $846,544 $1,554,999
Pat Roberts (R-Kan) S R ($472,951) $845,022 $2,162,996
Don Young (R-Alaska) H R $480,007 $840,003 $1,200,000
Don Manzullo (R-Ill) H R $466,008 $828,503 $1,190,999
Joe Wilson (R-SC) H R ($322,988) $796,003 $1,914,994
Spencer Bachus (R-Ala) H R $452,010 $785,504 $1,118,999
Francisco Canseco (R-Texas) H R $49,037 $784,517 $1,519,998
Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio) H R $219,071 $780,535 $1,342,000
Rand Paul (R-Ky) S R $278,019 $774,009 $1,269,999
Tim Murphy (R-Pa) H R $249,055 $768,027 $1,287,000
Jerry Moran (R-Kan) S R $385,018 $768,009 $1,151,000
Frank A. LoBiondo (R-NJ) H R $318,013 $758,506 $1,198,999
Mo Brooks (R-Ala) H R $285,047 $755,023 $1,225,000
Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) S R $241,167 $722,664 $1,204,161
Richard B. Nugent (R-Fla) H R $253,005 $709,001 $1,164,997
Thaddeus G. McCotter (R-Mich) H R $312,036 $677,018 $1,042,000
Jon L. Kyl (R-Ariz) S R $645,238 $676,736 $708,235
Richard G. Lugar (R-Ind) S R $283,019 $670,508 $1,057,998
Frank D. Lucas (R-Okla) H R ($213,988) $650,501 $1,514,991
Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) H R $282,030 $643,515 $1,005,000
Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss) H R $364,010 $612,005 $860,000
John M. Shimkus (R-Ill) H R $49,010 $589,503 $1,129,997
Paul Broun Jr (R-Ga) H R $309,018 $584,509 $860,000
Steven Brett Guthrie (R-Ky) H R $294,030 $582,015 $870,000
Justin Amash (R-Mich) H R ($23,982) $568,007 $1,159,997
Joe Heck (R-Nev) H R $278,010 $561,504 $844,999
Bill Huizenga (R-Mich) H R $172,015 $560,007 $947,999
Michael Grimm (R-NY) H R $50,003 $560,000 $1,069,997
Kevin Brady (R-Texas) H R $242,030 $551,515 $861,000
Kay Granger (R-Texas) H R ($228,982) $548,007 $1,324,996
Joe Pitts (R-Pa) H R $332,006 $531,003 $730,000
Bill Posey (R-Fla) H R $134,012 $523,005 $911,999
Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) H R $39,014 $513,006 $986,999
Lynn Jenkins (R-Kan) H R $195,027 $510,013 $825,000
Scott Eugene Desjarlais (R-Tenn) H R $153,009 $501,502 $849,996
Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo) H R $121,010 $490,503 $859,996
Steven C. LaTourette (R-Ohio) H R $316,004 $490,502 $665,000
Erik Paulsen (R-Minn) H R $170,034 $487,017 $804,000
Martha Roby (R-Ala) H R $169,023 $482,511 $795,999
Todd Rokita (R-Ind) H R ($130,966) $478,515 $1,087,996
Frank R. Wolf (R-Va) H R $430,779 $472,776 $514,773
John Kline (R-Minn) H R $251,013 $471,006 $691,000
Glenn Thompson (R-Pa) H R $250,004 $467,501 $684,999
Rodney Alexander (R-La) H R $266,005 $465,502 $665,000
Gus Bilirakis (R-Fla) H R $88,033 $454,016 $819,999
Lee Terry (R-Neb) H R $122,040 $452,020 $782,000
Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) H R $118,053 $450,026 $782,000
Daniel Webster (R-Fla) H R $221,009 $430,504 $640,000
John Thune (R-SD) S R $170,023 $423,011 $676,000
Charlie Dent (R-Pa) H R $133,047 $420,023 $707,000
Patrick McHenry (R-NC) H R ($3,985) $418,006 $839,998
John J. Duncan Jr (R-Tenn) H R $169,022 $414,511 $660,000
Rob Wittman (R-Va) H R $195,014 $405,007 $615,000
John Cornyn (R-Texas) S R $153,014 $392,506 $631,999
Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) H R $238,004 $386,502 $535,000
Marco Rubio (R-Fla) S R ($75,987) $379,505 $834,998
Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif) H R $1 $375,000 $749,999
Rob Woodall (R-Ga) H R $217,006 $373,503 $530,000
Dave Reichert (R-Wash) H R $178,009 $361,504 $545,000
Scott Garrett (R-NJ) H R $188,014 $354,507 $521,000
Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn) H R $128,023 $349,011 $570,000
Ed Royce (R-Calif) H R $154,014 $345,007 $536,000
Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga) S R $164,009 $337,504 $511,000
John Culberson (R-Texas) H R $185,002 $337,501 $490,000
Adrian Smith (R-Neb) H R $125,013 $330,006 $534,999
Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) H R $114,016 $299,508 $485,000
Lynn A. Westmoreland (R-Ga) H R ($3,947,995) $291,001 $4,529,998
Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan) H R $114,015 $287,007 $460,000
Mike Pompeo (R-Kan) H R $66,028 $267,514 $469,000
Mike Rogers (R-Mich) H R $136,011 $263,505 $391,000
Steve Womack (R-Ark) H R $122,009 $263,504 $405,000
Michael G. Fitzpatrick (R-Pa) H R $151,003 $258,001 $365,000
Devin Nunes (R-Calif) H R $151,003 $258,001 $365,000
Jeffrey Lane Fortenberry (R-Neb) H R ($394,992) $257,503 $909,998
Patrick L. Meehan (R-Pa) H R $75,019 $250,009 $425,000
Susan Collins (R-Maine) S R $145,005 $247,502 $350,000
Frank Guinta (R-NH) H R ($457,982) $246,007 $949,996
James D. Jordan (R-Ohio) H R $119,008 $240,504 $362,000
Steven A. King (R-Iowa) H R $130,003 $240,001 $350,000
Steve C. Austria (R-Ohio) H R $107,008 $231,004 $355,000
Tim Walberg (R-Mich) H R $50,023 $225,511 $401,000
Walter B. Jones Jr (R-NC) H R $117,006 $224,503 $332,000
Jeff Miller (R-Fla) H R ($192,994) $223,501 $639,997
James Lankford (R-Okla) H R $60,018 $217,509 $375,000
Morgan Griffith (R-Va) H R ($12,997) $203,501 $419,999
Jerry Lewis (R-Calif) H R $195,000 $195,000 $195,000
Allen B. West (R-Fla) H R ($102,992) $176,003 $454,998
John Sullivan (R-Okla) H R $100,001 $175,000 $250,000
Chris Gibson (R-NY) H R $100,001 $175,000 $250,000
Sue Myrick (R-NC) H R $14,009 $162,004 $309,999
Todd Akin (R-Mo) H R $31,017 $160,508 $290,000
Rick Crawford (R-Ark) H R $101,003 $158,001 $215,000
Pete King (R-NY) H R $101,003 $158,001 $215,000
Gregg Harper (R-Miss) H R ($148,996) $158,001 $464,999
Jim Gerlach (R-Pa) H R $63,007 $154,003 $245,000
Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill) H R $50,008 $137,504 $225,000
Ted Poe (R-Texas) H R ($21,985) $136,507 $294,999
Roger Wicker (R-Miss) S R ($670,980) $133,008 $936,997
Douglas L. Lamborn (R-Colo) H R $49,007 $129,503 $210,000
Howard P. (Buck) Mckeon (R-Calif) H R $50,002 $117,500 $184,999
C. W. Bill Young (R-Fla) H R $66,003 $115,501 $165,000
Cory Gardner (R-Colo) H R ($10,987) $105,506 $221,999
Geoff Davis (R-Ky) H R $46,004 $105,502 $165,000
Aaron Schock (R-Ill) H R ($916,584) $100,913 $1,118,411
Robert Hurt (R-Va) H R $18,005 $99,002 $179,999
Mike Pence (R-Ind) H R $11,015 $90,007 $169,000
Mark Kirk (R-Ill) S R $33,005 $89,002 $145,000
Todd Platts (R-Pa) H R $21,014 $84,007 $147,000
Joe Barton (R-Texas) H R $32,004 $81,002 $130,000
Tom Marino (R-Pa) H R ($366,518) $75,478 $517,474
Todd Young (R-Ind) H R ($4,997) $65,001 $134,999
Jeff Flake (R-Ariz) H R ($219,997) $65,001 $349,999
Tom McClintock (R-Calif) H R $19,005 $64,502 $110,000
Trey Gowdy (R-SC) H R ($231,995) $56,502 $344,999
Sam Johnson (R-Texas) H R $17,003 $48,501 $80,000
Chris Smith (R-NJ) H R $45,967 $45,967 $45,967
James W. DeMint (R-SC) S R $16,002 $40,501 $65,000
Rob Bishop (R-Utah) H R $16,002 $40,501 $65,000
Dan Lungren (R-Calif) H R $2,003 $36,001 $70,000
Randy Hultgren (R-Ill) H R $15,001 $32,500 $50,000
Joe Walsh (R-Ill) H R $3,004 $24,502 $46,000
Sandy Adams (R-Fla) H R $2,004 $17,002 $32,000
Mike Lee (R-Utah) S R ($117,995) $16,001 $149,997
Jaime Herrera (R-Wash) H R $1,001 $8,000 $15,000
David Rivera (R-Fla) H R ($148,998) $8,000 $164,999
Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif) H R $0 $0 $0
Steve Scalise (R-La) H R ($61,996) ($20,498) $20,999
Tim Griffin (R-Ark) H R ($129,993) ($24,498) $80,997
Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) H R ($130,993) ($31,998) $66,997
Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla) H R ($50,000) ($32,500) ($15,001)
Marlin A. Stutzman (R-Ind) H R ($289,988) ($84,495) $120,997
Renee Ellmers (R-NC) H R ($382,993) ($91,497) $199,999
Kevin W. Yoder (R-Kan) H R ($228,993) ($91,998) $44,996
Kristi Lynn Noem (R-SD) H R ($643,990) ($111,996) $419,998
Louis B. Gohmert Jr (R-Texas) H R ($200,000) ($150,001) ($100,002)
Sean P. Duffy (R-Wis) H R ($489,989) ($167,497) $154,994
Steve Fincher (R-Tenn) H R ($5,964,999) ($3,302,503) ($640,008)
totals $887,612,850 $2,235,761,551 $3,583,910,376 $2,235,761,592

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I just can’t believe how much money this fraud is making on this scam. People need to wake up!! Click the pic for the story from the UK

If you were to only listen to the climate change, flat earth, Marxist, socialists, you would think that mankind is the root of all evil and pollution, and in this case a horrible greenhouse gas called CO2.  Yea, that stuff that you exhale and the stuff that trees and plants need to survive (and by the way, produce oxygen in return).  Click the pic for the story from the UK.  At least they have journalists who will print the truth…….

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Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon.. Click the pic for the story

I have been predicting that I will for some time.  His “Executive Privilege” order, in my opinion pretty much solidifies it.  The only reason for the order would be to keep something from the public that would prove to be embarrassing, such as, Obama not only knew of F&F, but approved of it.  Its a matter of what he knew and when he knew it.  This whole scandal will be about the death of a Boarder Patrol Officer and guns being given to drug lords in Mexico, PLUS a plan by the ATF to use F&F service of supplying guns across the border as an excuse to attack the 2nd amendment, which by the way, Hillary is trying to do by signing on the UN Inter-America gun treaty.  After all, what brought down Richard Nixon, was his cover-up of a break-in into a DNC office in the Watergate Hotel.  No one died as a result of his actions.  Obama, on the other hand, how many Mexican citizens have been killed by this program?  We know of hundreds, and at least 1 US Law Enforcement Officer…….  You see the difference?………..

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I just wanted to post this just to reiterate, illustrate and highlight the acts of a President who evidently thinks socialism is okay, which just happens to be the antithesis of our government which espouses freedom and accountability.   There really isn’t a whole lot more to say at this point.  He is overtly tipping his hand.  Anyone else but me paying attention to this?  It is my prediction that between now and election day, we will witness conduct from the Office of The President we have never seen before.  We will bear witness to a man who will stoop to any low and say any thing in order to do whatever he thinks he must do to get his second term, which by the way, he will use to complete his agenda and “fundamentally change” our nation.  I hope the rest of the world is paying attention to this because the socialist/Marxist agenda will be in full exposure.  The world will either witness a nation win back its soul, or, sink into oblivion, resulting in the demise of our Republic and way of life….  I ask all those who relish and cherish freedom and The United States, to pray for us……..




Is this the HUGE information that Brietbart was referring to just before his passing?  Could be…  I guess Obama’s henchmen didn’t find this little piece of evidence when he sent them on their mission to find and suppress any and all historical data about him, ESPECIALLY if it confirms that he is not a natural-born American citizen.  I refer you to some of my earlier posts.  There are more, do a search for “birth” on this page and they will come up.

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Must have had Shih-Tzu for lunch……….

Thanks to Dick Morris, this information has come to light about several sneaky things Obama and Hillary are up to; 1. International Criminal Court , 2. The Law of the Sea Treaty, 3. Small-arms control, 4. Outer Space Code of Conduct, 5. Rights of the Child.

This is truly scary stuff that if enacted would spell the end of the United States and its sovereignty.  This is no joke, especially if you consider the very real likelihood that this could all come to pass because,….if the Democrats in the Senate take a drubbing like I think they will, that will create the “Lame Duck” Senate that Obama would want and use to get all these treaties ratified, simply because all the outgoing Senators will not have anything to lose, they lost already, so who cares right?  I will be writing letters to my 2 Democrat Senators telling them to not even think about it!  I suggest everyone else do the same.  Click HERE and HERE for the information.

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You can tell in this clip, Beckel is really worried after he comes to the realization that he really screwed up and is now contemplating the punishment for his “indiscretion”.  He like the rest of what I call, “The Rabid dog left”, need to do the same as he does now…..Shut up and learn how to be civil…….



How did Communism get a foot hold here in the USA? Click here to see the Caucus web site.

The short answer is, 1 IS TOO MANY!!!  But unfortunately that is not the case.  Is your Senator or Representative listed in this roster of members?  If so, you have a problem, or not, if you like communism…..

Caucus Members 


Keith Ellison

Raúl Grijalva

Vice Chairs

Tammy Baldwin

Judy Chu

William “Lacy” Clay

Sheila Jackson-Lee

Chellie Pingree


Hank Johnson

Senate Member

Bernie Sanders

House Members

Karen Bass

Xavier Becerra

Earl Blumenauer

Corrine Brown

Michael Capuano

Andre Carson

Donna Christensen

Yvette Clarke

Emanuel Cleaver

David Cicilline

Steve Cohen

John Conyers

Elijah Cummings

Danny Davis

Peter DeFazio

Rosa DeLauro

Donna Edwards

Sam Farr

Chaka Fattah

Bob Filner

Barney Frank

Marcia Fudge

Luis Gutierrez

Janice Hahn

Maurice Hinchey

Mazie Hirono

Rush Holt

Michael Honda

Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Eddie Bernice Johnson

Marcy Kaptur

Dennis Kucinich

Barbara Lee

John Lewis

David Loebsack

Ben Ray Lujan

Carolyn Maloney

Ed Markey

Jim McDermott

James McGovern

Brad Miller

George Miller

Gwen Moore

Jim Moran

Jerrold Nadler

Eleanor Holmes Norton

John Olver

Frank Pallone

Ed Pastor

Jared Polis

Charles Rangel

Laura Richardson

Lucille Roybal-Allard

Bobby Rush

Linda Sanchez

Jan Schakowsky

Jose Serrano

Louise Slaughter

Pete Stark

Bennie Thompson

John Tierney

Nydia Velazquez

Maxine Waters

Mel Watt

Peter Welch

Frederica Wilson

Lynn Woolsey

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Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding TRICARE.  I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter.

I share your concerns about keeping TRICARE affordable.  The health and welfare of those men and women who have bravely served our country both in times of peace and war deserve our full support.  To that end, I have consistently worked to ensure that any TRICARE fee increases proposed by the Department of Defense do not put an undue burden on our soldiers, military families, and veterans.

On December 31, 2011, President Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 into law.  This legislation included a provision which gave the Department of Defense the authority to increase TRICARE enrollment fees in order to help reduce the growing cost of healthcare within the Department of Defense budget.  These healthcare costs have grown from $1.5 trillion in 2001 to an estimated $2.7 trillion in fiscal year 2013, an increase of 84 percent.  The National Defense Authorization Act would tie TRICARE yearly enrollment fee increases to the annual cost-of-living increase provided to military retirees, which averages around 3.1 percent.

I am profoundly grateful for the service ofAmerica’s veterans and for the sacrifices they have made to defend and preserve our great nation.  As such, I believe we have an important responsibility to ensure that our veterans are provided the benefits and assistance that they so greatly deserve.  Please be assured that I will continue to work with my colleagues on behalf of the many veterans in the state of Washington.

Thank you again for contacting me to share your thoughts on this matter.  You may also be interested in signing up for periodic updates for WashingtonStateresidents.  If you are interested in subscribing to this update, please visit my website at

.  Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of further assistance

Maria Cantwell
United States Senator

For future correspondence with my office, please visit my website at


Notice how she dodges the questions and does not address my concerns.  She just explains how its going to be…….


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China stealing our resources with a smile.......... Click the pic for complete details.

Yes, China is mining our resources in the gold ol’ US of A.  Who in their right patriotic mind would allow this to happen?  I can tell you, ALL THE POLITICIANS IN DC!  Yes, we have literally been sold out by or Representatives in DC.  Obviously to the highest bidder, and one I might add, does not give a damn about the USA, as demonstrated by their embargo on strategic rare-earth metals.  Who else out there saw this coming?  Really,  I want to know!!!  I guess the fact is lost on everyone except the citizenry who still had their head screwed squarely on their shoulders, unlike those in DC.  This has to stop.  I have a question; Why is it that China gets approval to mine and do whatever else they want to do, but US companies get the EPA boot on the neck?  Click here and here for the story and click the pic to go to the China Mining United site.

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In watching this video, I find it very disturbing that this Council THINKS it has the right to shut the citizenry up and not allow dissenting voices to be heard.  I especially find it most disturbing that the Officers (or more aptly put “Thugs” were more than eager to violate this Priests 1st Amendment Rights.  Everyone on that council must be recalled or removed and those so-called “Officers” need to be fired.  Those guys need to figure out which side they are on, fascism, or democracy and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Those men in my opinion should be shunned along with their families.  Their conduct is despicable and disgraceful and un-American…..





As this article outlines, this bill is so draconian you might as well tear up the Bill of Rights.  I am appalled that Congress would do such a thing.  It is now legal to use the might of the United States military against its own citizens in the USA.  All the government needs to do is use the laws and guidelines, the very same ones I have been highlighting on this web site, determine that whatever you are doing falls within the “you might be a terrorist if” guidelines published by the DHA, and the next thing you know, you have the DOD breaking down your door at 3am and hauling you off to jail because simply, they can….  That IS where we are now thanks to the very people who we sent to DC to protect our rights and I am so very disappointed in my Rep.  She is a Freshman and was specifically sent to NOT do what she just did.  Check the list below to see how your Rep voted.  It is truly a bleak and black day in and for America………………

Votes by Representative

Name Voted
Rep. Gary Ackerman [D, NY-5] Aye
Rep. Sandy Adams [R, FL-24] Aye
Rep. Robert Aderholt [R, AL-4] Aye
Rep. Todd Akin [R, MO-2] Aye
Rep. Rodney Alexander [R, LA-5] Aye
Rep. Jason Altmire [D, PA-4] Aye
Rep. Justin Amash [R, MI-3] Nay
Rep. Mark Amodei [R, NV-2] Aye
Rep. Robert Andrews [D, NJ-1] Aye
Rep. Steve Austria [R, OH-7] Aye
Rep. Joe Baca [D, CA-43] Aye
Rep. Michele Bachmann [R, MN-6] Abstain
Rep. Spencer Bachus [R, AL-6] Aye
Rep. Tammy Baldwin [D, WI-2] Nay
Rep. Lou Barletta [R, PA-11] Aye
Rep. John Barrow [D, GA-12] Aye
Rep. Roscoe Bartlett [R, MD-6] Aye
Rep. Joe Barton [R, TX-6] Aye
Rep. Karen Bass [D, CA-33] Nay
Rep. Charles Bass [R, NH-2] Aye
Rep. Xavier Becerra [D, CA-31] Nay
Rep. Dan Benishek [R, MI-1] Aye
Rep. Rick Berg [R, ND-0] Aye
Rep. Shelley Berkley [D, NV-1] Aye
Rep. Howard Berman [D, CA-28] Aye
Rep. Judy Biggert [R, IL-13] Aye
Rep. Brian Bilbray [R, CA-50] Aye
Rep. Gus Bilirakis [R, FL-9] Aye
Rep. Sanford Bishop [D, GA-2] Aye
Rep. Timothy Bishop [D, NY-1] Aye
Rep. Rob Bishop [R, UT-1] Aye
Rep. Diane Black [R, TN-6] Aye
Rep. Marsha Blackburn [R, TN-7] Aye
Rep. Earl Blumenauer [D, OR-3] Nay
Rep. Jo Bonner [R, AL-1] Aye
Rep. Mary Bono Mack [R, CA-45] Aye
Rep. Dan Boren [D, OK-2] Aye
Rep. Leonard Boswell [D, IA-3] Aye
Rep. Charles Boustany [R, LA-7] Aye
Rep. Kevin Brady [R, TX-8] Aye
Rep. Robert Brady [D, PA-1] Aye
Rep. Bruce Braley [D, IA-1] Nay
Rep. Mo Brooks [R, AL-5] Aye
Rep. Paul Broun [R, GA-10] Aye
Rep. Corrine Brown [D, FL-3] Aye
Rep. Vern Buchanan [R, FL-13] Aye
Rep. Larry Bucshon [R, IN-8] Nay
Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle [R, NY-25] Aye
Rep. Michael Burgess [R, TX-26] Nay
Rep. Dan Burton [R, IN-5] Nay
Rep. George Butterfield [D, NC-1] Aye
Rep. Ken Calvert [R, CA-44] Aye
Rep. David Camp [R, MI-4] Aye
Rep. John Campbell [R, CA-48] Nay
Rep. Francisco Canseco [R, TX-23] Aye
Rep. Eric Cantor [R, VA-7] Aye
Rep. Shelley Capito [R, WV-2] Aye
Rep. Lois Capps [D, CA-23] Aye
Rep. Michael Capuano [D, MA-8] Nay
Rep. Dennis Cardoza [D, CA-18] Aye
Rep. Russ Carnahan [D, MO-3] Aye
Rep. John Carney [D, DE-0] Aye
Rep. André Carson [D, IN-7] Nay
Rep. John Carter [R, TX-31] Aye
Rep. Bill Cassidy [R, LA-6] Aye
Rep. Kathy Castor [D, FL-11] Aye
Rep. Steven Chabot [R, OH-1] Aye
Rep. Jason Chaffetz [R, UT-3] Nay
Rep. Ben Chandler [D, KY-6] Aye
Rep. Judy Chu [D, CA-32] Nay
Rep. David Cicilline [D, RI-1] Aye
Rep. Hansen Clarke [D, MI-13] Nay
Rep. Yvette Clarke [D, NY-11] Nay
Rep. William Clay [D, MO-1] Nay
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver [D, MO-5] Nay
Rep. James Clyburn [D, SC-6] Nay
Rep. Howard Coble [R, NC-6] Abstain
Rep. Mike Coffman [R, CO-6] Nay
Rep. Steve Cohen [D, TN-9] Nay
Rep. Tom Cole [R, OK-4] Aye
Rep. Michael Conaway [R, TX-11] Aye
Rep. Gerald Connolly [D, VA-11] Aye
Rep. John Conyers [D, MI-14] Nay
Rep. Jim Cooper [D, TN-5] Aye
Rep. Jim Costa [D, CA-20] Aye
Rep. Jerry Costello [D, IL-12] Nay
Rep. Joe Courtney [D, CT-2] Aye
Rep. Chip Cravaack [R, MN-8] Aye
Rep. Rick Crawford [R, AR-1] Aye
Rep. Ander Crenshaw [R, FL-4] Aye
Rep. Mark Critz [D, PA-12] Aye
Rep. Joseph Crowley [D, NY-7] Aye
Rep. Henry Cuellar [D, TX-28] Aye
Rep. John Culberson [R, TX-7] Aye
Rep. Elijah Cummings [D, MD-7] Nay
Rep. Geoff Davis [R, KY-4] Aye
Rep. Susan Davis [D, CA-53] Aye
Rep. Danny Davis [D, IL-7] Nay
Rep. Peter DeFazio [D, OR-4] Nay
Rep. Diana DeGette [D, CO-1] Nay
Rep. Rosa DeLauro [D, CT-3] Nay
Rep. Jeff Denham [R, CA-19] Aye
Rep. Charles Dent [R, PA-15] Aye
Rep. Scott DesJarlais [R, TN-4] Nay
Rep. Ted Deutch [D, FL-19] Aye
Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart [R, FL-21] Abstain
Rep. Norman Dicks [D, WA-6] Aye
Rep. John Dingell [D, MI-15] Aye
Rep. Lloyd Doggett [D, TX-25] Aye
Rep. Bob Dold [R, IL-10] Aye
Rep. Joe Donnelly [D, IN-2] Aye
Rep. Michael Doyle [D, PA-14] Nay
Rep. David Dreier [R, CA-26] Aye
Rep. Sean Duffy [R, WI-7] Aye
Rep. Jeff Duncan [R, SC-3] Nay
Rep. John Duncan [R, TN-2] Nay
Rep. Donna Edwards [D, MD-4] Nay
Rep. Keith Ellison [D, MN-5] Nay
Rep. Renee Ellmers [R, NC-2] Aye
Rep. Jo Ann Emerson [R, MO-8] Aye
Rep. Eliot Engel [D, NY-17] Aye
Rep. Anna Eshoo [D, CA-14] Nay
Rep. Blake Farenthold [R, TX-27] Aye
Rep. Sam Farr [D, CA-17] Nay
Rep. Chaka Fattah [D, PA-2] Nay
Rep. Bob Filner [D, CA-51] Abstain
Rep. Stephen Fincher [R, TN-8] Aye
Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick [R, PA-8] Aye
Rep. Jeff Flake [R, AZ-6] Nay
Rep. Chuck Fleischmann [R, TN-3] Aye
Rep. John Fleming [R, LA-4] Aye
Rep. Bill Flores [R, TX-17] Aye
Rep. Randy Forbes [R, VA-4] Nay
Rep. Jeffrey Fortenberry [R, NE-1] Aye
Rep. Virginia Foxx [R, NC-5] Aye
Rep. Barney Frank [D, MA-4] Nay
Rep. Trent Franks [R, AZ-2] Aye
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen [R, NJ-11] Aye
Rep. Marcia Fudge [D, OH-11] Nay
Rep. Elton Gallegly [R, CA-24] Aye
Rep. John Garamendi [D, CA-10] Aye
Rep. Cory Gardner [R, CO-4] Aye
Rep. Scott Garrett [R, NJ-5] Nay
Rep. Jim Gerlach [R, PA-6] Aye
Rep. Bob Gibbs [R, OH-18] Aye
Rep. Chris Gibson [R, NY-20] Aye
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords [D, AZ-8] Abstain
Rep. John Gingrey [R, GA-11] Aye
Rep. Louis Gohmert [R, TX-1] Aye
Rep. Charles Gonzalez [D, TX-20] Aye
Rep. Robert Goodlatte [R, VA-6] Nay
Rep. Paul Gosar [R, AZ-1] Nay
Rep. Trey Gowdy [R, SC-4] Nay
Rep. Kay Granger [R, TX-12] Aye
Rep. Tom Graves [R, GA-9] Nay
Rep. Samuel Graves [R, MO-6] Aye
Rep. Al Green [D, TX-9] Aye
Rep. Raymond Green [D, TX-29] Aye
Rep. Tim Griffin [R, AR-2] Aye
Rep. Morgan Griffith [R, VA-9] Nay
Rep. Raul Grijalva [D, AZ-7] Nay
Rep. Michael Grimm [R, NY-13] Aye
Rep. Frank Guinta [R, NH-1] Aye
Rep. Brett Guthrie [R, KY-2] Aye
Rep. Luis Gutiérrez [D, IL-4] Abstain
Rep. Janice Hahn [D, CA-36] Nay
Rep. Ralph Hall [R, TX-4] Aye
Rep. Colleen Hanabusa [D, HI-1] Aye
Rep. Richard Hanna [R, NY-24] Aye
Rep. Gregg Harper [R, MS-3] Aye
Rep. Andy Harris [R, MD-1] Nay
Rep. Vicky Hartzler [R, MO-4] Aye
Rep. Alcee Hastings [D, FL-23] Nay
Rep. Doc Hastings [R, WA-4] Aye
Rep. Nan Hayworth [R, NY-19] Aye
Rep. Joe Heck [R, NV-3] Aye
Rep. Martin Heinrich [D, NM-1] Nay
Rep. Jeb Hensarling [R, TX-5] Aye
Rep. Walter Herger [R, CA-2] Aye
Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler [R, WA-3] Aye
Rep. Brian Higgins [D, NY-27] Aye
Rep. James Himes [D, CT-4] Aye
Rep. Maurice Hinchey [D, NY-22] Nay
Rep. Rubén Hinojosa [D, TX-15] Nay
Rep. Mazie Hirono [D, HI-2] Aye
Rep. Kathleen Hochul [D, NY-26] Aye
Rep. Tim Holden [D, PA-17] Aye
Rep. Rush Holt [D, NJ-12] Nay
Rep. Michael Honda [D, CA-15] Nay
Rep. Steny Hoyer [D, MD-5] Aye
Rep. Tim Huelskamp [R, KS-1] Nay
Rep. Bill Huizenga [R, MI-2] Nay
Rep. Randy Hultgren [R, IL-14] Aye
Rep. Duncan Hunter [R, CA-52] Aye
Rep. Robert Hurt [R, VA-5] Nay
Rep. Jay Inslee [D, WA-1] Aye
Rep. Steve Israel [D, NY-2] Aye
Rep. Darrell Issa [R, CA-49] Aye
Rep. Jesse Jackson [D, IL-2] Nay
Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee [D, TX-18] Aye
Rep. Lynn Jenkins [R, KS-2] Aye
Rep. Eddie Johnson [D, TX-30] Abstain
Rep. Samuel Johnson [R, TX-3] Aye
Rep. Bill Johnson [R, OH-6] Aye
Rep. Henry Johnson [D, GA-4] Nay
Rep. Timothy Johnson [R, IL-15] Nay
Rep. Walter Jones [R, NC-3] Nay
Rep. Jim Jordan [R, OH-4] Aye
Rep. Marcy Kaptur [D, OH-9] Nay
Rep. William Keating [D, MA-10] Aye
Rep. Mike Kelly [R, PA-3] Aye
Rep. Dale Kildee [D, MI-5] Aye
Rep. Ronald Kind [D, WI-3] Aye
Rep. Steve King [R, IA-5] Aye
Rep. Peter King [R, NY-3] Aye
Rep. Jack Kingston [R, GA-1] Aye
Rep. Adam Kinzinger [R, IL-11] Aye
Rep. Larry Kissell [D, NC-8] Aye
Rep. John Kline [R, MN-2] Aye
Rep. Dennis Kucinich [D, OH-10] Nay
Rep. Raúl Labrador [R, ID-1] Nay
Rep. Doug Lamborn [R, CO-5] Aye
Rep. Leonard Lance [R, NJ-7] Aye
Rep. Jeff Landry [R, LA-3] Aye
Rep. James Langevin [D, RI-2] Aye
Rep. James Lankford [R, OK-5] Aye
Rep. Rick Larsen [D, WA-2] Aye
Rep. John Larson [D, CT-1] Aye
Rep. Thomas Latham [R, IA-4] Aye
Rep. Steven LaTourette [R, OH-14] Abstain
Rep. Robert Latta [R, OH-5] Aye
Rep. Barbara Lee [D, CA-9] Nay
Rep. Sander Levin [D, MI-12] Aye
Rep. John Lewis [D, GA-5] Nay
Rep. Jerry Lewis [R, CA-41] Aye
Rep. Daniel Lipinski [D, IL-3] Aye
Rep. Frank LoBiondo [R, NJ-2] Aye
Rep. David Loebsack [D, IA-2] Aye
Rep. Zoe Lofgren [D, CA-16] Nay
Rep. Billy Long [R, MO-7] Aye
Rep. Nita Lowey [D, NY-18] Aye
Rep. Frank Lucas [R, OK-3] Aye
Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer [R, MO-9] Aye
Rep. Ben Luján [D, NM-3] Nay
Rep. Cynthia Lummis [R, WY-0] Nay
Rep. Daniel Lungren [R, CA-3] Aye
Rep. Stephen Lynch [D, MA-9] Abstain
Rep. Connie Mack [R, FL-14] Nay
Rep. Carolyn Maloney [D, NY-14] Nay
Rep. Donald Manzullo [R, IL-16] Aye
Rep. Kenny Marchant [R, TX-24] Aye
Rep. Thomas Marino [R, PA-10] Aye
Rep. Edward Markey [D, MA-7] Nay
Rep. Jim Matheson [D, UT-2] Aye
Rep. Doris Matsui [D, CA-5] Nay
Rep. Kevin McCarthy [R, CA-22] Aye
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy [D, NY-4] Aye
Rep. Michael McCaul [R, TX-10] Aye
Rep. Tom McClintock [R, CA-4] Nay
Rep. Betty McCollum [D, MN-4] Nay
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter [R, MI-11] Aye
Rep. James McDermott [D, WA-7] Nay
Rep. James McGovern [D, MA-3] Nay
Rep. Patrick McHenry [R, NC-10] Aye
Rep. Mike McIntyre [D, NC-7] Aye
Rep. Howard McKeon [R, CA-25] Aye
Rep. David McKinley [R, WV-1] Aye
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers [R, WA-5] Aye
Rep. Jerry McNerney [D, CA-11] Aye
Rep. Patrick Meehan [R, PA-7] Aye
Rep. Gregory Meeks [D, NY-6] Nay
Rep. John Mica [R, FL-7] Aye
Rep. Michael Michaud [D, ME-2] Nay
Rep. Candice Miller [R, MI-10] Aye
Rep. George Miller [D, CA-7] Nay
Rep. Bradley Miller [D, NC-13] Nay
Rep. Gary Miller [R, CA-42] Aye
Rep. Jeff Miller [R, FL-1] Aye
Rep. Gwen Moore [D, WI-4] Nay
Rep. James Moran [D, VA-8] Nay
Rep. Mick Mulvaney [R, SC-5] Nay
Rep. Christopher Murphy [D, CT-5] Nay
Rep. Tim Murphy [R, PA-18] Aye
Rep. Sue Myrick [R, NC-9] Abstain
Rep. Jerrold Nadler [D, NY-8] Nay
Rep. Grace Napolitano [D, CA-38] Nay
Rep. Richard Neal [D, MA-2] Nay
Rep. Randy Neugebauer [R, TX-19] Aye
Rep. Kristi Noem [R, SD-0] Aye
Rep. Richard Nugent [R, FL-5] Aye
Rep. Devin Nunes [R, CA-21] Aye
Rep. Alan Nunnelee [R, MS-1] Aye
Rep. Pete Olson [R, TX-22] Aye
Rep. John Olver [D, MA-1] Nay
Rep. William Owens [D, NY-23] Aye
Rep. Steven Palazzo [R, MS-4] Aye
Rep. Frank Pallone [D, NJ-6] Nay
Rep. William Pascrell [D, NJ-8] Aye
Rep. Edward Pastor [D, AZ-4] Aye
Rep. Ronald Paul [R, TX-14] Abstain
Rep. Erik Paulsen [R, MN-3] Aye
Rep. Donald Payne [D, NJ-10] Nay
Rep. Steven Pearce [R, NM-2] Aye
Rep. Nancy Pelosi [D, CA-8] Aye
Rep. Mike Pence [R, IN-6] Nay
Rep. Ed Perlmutter [D, CO-7] Aye
Rep. Gary Peters [D, MI-9] Nay
Rep. Collin Peterson [D, MN-7] Aye
Rep. Thomas Petri [R, WI-6] Aye
Rep. Chellie Pingree [D, ME-1] Nay
Rep. Joseph Pitts [R, PA-16] Abstain
Rep. Todd Platts [R, PA-19] Aye
Rep. Ted Poe [R, TX-2] Aye
Rep. Jared Polis [D, CO-2] Nay
Rep. Mike Pompeo [R, KS-4] Aye
Rep. Bill Posey [R, FL-15] Nay
Rep. David Price [D, NC-4] Nay
Rep. Tom Price [R, GA-6] Aye
Rep. Ben Quayle [R, AZ-3] Aye
Rep. Mike Quigley [D, IL-5] Nay
Rep. Nick Rahall [D, WV-3] Aye
Rep. Charles Rangel [D, NY-15] Nay
Rep. Tom Reed [R, NY-29] Aye
Rep. Dennis Rehberg [R, MT-0] Aye
Rep. Dave Reichert [R, WA-8] Aye
Rep. Jim Renacci [R, OH-16] Aye
Rep. Silvestre Reyes [D, TX-16] Aye
Rep. Reid Ribble [R, WI-8] Nay
Rep. Laura Richardson [D, CA-37] Aye
Rep. Cedric Richmond [D, LA-2] Nay
Rep. Scott Rigell [R, VA-2] Aye
Rep. David Rivera [R, FL-25] Aye
Rep. Martha Roby [R, AL-2] Aye
Rep. Phil Roe [R, TN-1] Nay
Rep. Michael Rogers [R, MI-8] Aye
Rep. Harold Rogers [R, KY-5] Aye
Rep. Michael Rogers [R, AL-3] Aye
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher [R, CA-46] Nay
Rep. Todd Rokita [R, IN-4] Nay
Rep. Thomas Rooney [R, FL-16] Aye
Rep. Peter Roskam [R, IL-6] Aye
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [R, FL-18] Aye
Rep. Dennis Ross [R, FL-12] Aye
Rep. Mike Ross [D, AR-4] Aye
Rep. Steven Rothman [D, NJ-9] Aye
Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard [D, CA-34] Nay
Rep. Edward Royce [R, CA-40] Nay
Rep. Jon Runyan [R, NJ-3] Aye
Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger [D, MD-2] Aye
Rep. Bobby Rush [D, IL-1] Nay
Rep. Timothy Ryan [D, OH-17] Nay
Rep. Paul Ryan [R, WI-1] Aye
Rep. Loretta Sanchez [D, CA-47] Abstain
Rep. Linda Sánchez [D, CA-39] Aye
Rep. John Sarbanes [D, MD-3] Nay
Rep. Steve Scalise [R, LA-1] Aye
Rep. Janice Schakowsky [D, IL-9] Nay
Rep. Adam Schiff [D, CA-29] Aye
Rep. Robert Schilling [R, IL-17] Aye
Rep. Jean Schmidt [R, OH-2] Aye
Rep. Aaron Schock [R, IL-18] Aye
Rep. Kurt Schrader [D, OR-5] Aye
Rep. Allyson Schwartz [D, PA-13] Aye
Rep. David Schweikert [R, AZ-5] Nay
Rep. Tim Scott [R, SC-1] Aye
Rep. David Scott [D, GA-13] Aye
Rep. Robert Scott [D, VA-3] Nay
Rep. Austin Scott [R, GA-8] Aye
Rep. James Sensenbrenner [R, WI-5] Aye
Rep. José Serrano [D, NY-16] Nay
Rep. Peter Sessions [R, TX-32] Aye
Rep. Terri Sewell [D, AL-7] Aye
Rep. Brad Sherman [D, CA-27] Aye
Rep. John Shimkus [R, IL-19] Aye
Rep. Heath Shuler [D, NC-11] Aye
Rep. William Shuster [R, PA-9] Aye
Rep. Michael Simpson [R, ID-2] Nay
Rep. Albio Sires [D, NJ-13] Aye
Rep. Louise Slaughter [D, NY-28] Nay
Rep. Christopher Smith [R, NJ-4] Aye
Rep. Adrian Smith [R, NE-3] Aye
Rep. Adam Smith [D, WA-9] Aye
Rep. Lamar Smith [R, TX-21] Aye
Rep. Steve Southerland [R, FL-2] Aye
Rep. Jackie Speier [D, CA-12] Nay
Rep. Fortney Stark [D, CA-13] Nay
Rep. Clifford Stearns [R, FL-6] Aye
Rep. Steve Stivers [R, OH-15] Aye
Rep. Marlin Stutzman [R, IN-3] Nay
Rep. John Sullivan [R, OK-1] Aye
Rep. Betty Sutton [D, OH-13] Aye
Rep. Lee Terry [R, NE-2] Aye
Rep. Bennie Thompson [D, MS-2] Nay
Rep. Glenn Thompson [R, PA-5] Aye
Rep. Michael Thompson [D, CA-1] Nay
Rep. William Thornberry [R, TX-13] Aye
Rep. Patrick Tiberi [R, OH-12] Aye
Rep. John Tierney [D, MA-6] Nay
Rep. Scott Tipton [R, CO-3] Nay
Rep. Paul Tonko [D, NY-21] Nay
Rep. Edolphus Towns [D, NY-10] Nay
Rep. Niki Tsongas [D, MA-5] Aye
Rep. Robert Turner [R, NY-9] Aye
Rep. Michael Turner [R, OH-3] Aye
Rep. Frederick Upton [R, MI-6] Aye
Rep. Christopher Van Hollen [D, MD-8] Nay
Rep. Nydia Velázquez [D, NY-12] Nay
Rep. Peter Visclosky [D, IN-1] Aye
Rep. Timothy Walberg [R, MI-7] Nay
Rep. Greg Walden [R, OR-2] Aye
Rep. Joe Walsh [R, IL-8] Nay
Rep. Timothy Walz [D, MN-1] Aye
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz [D, FL-20] Aye
Rep. Maxine Waters [D, CA-35] Nay
Rep. Melvin Watt [D, NC-12] Nay
Rep. Henry Waxman [D, CA-30] Aye
Rep. Daniel Webster [R, FL-8] Aye
Rep. Peter Welch [D, VT-0] Nay
Rep. Allen West [R, FL-22] Aye
Rep. Lynn Westmoreland [R, GA-3] Aye
Rep. Edward Whitfield [R, KY-1] Aye
Rep. Frederica Wilson [D, FL-17] Aye
Rep. Addison Wilson [R, SC-2] Aye
Rep. Rob Wittman [R, VA-1] Aye
Rep. Frank Wolf [R, VA-10] Aye
Rep. Steve Womack [R, AR-3] Aye
Rep. Rob Woodall [R, GA-7] Nay
Rep. Lynn Woolsey [D, CA-6] Nay
Rep. John Yarmuth [D, KY-3] Nay
Rep. Kevin Yoder [R, KS-3] Aye
Rep. Bill Young [R, FL-10] Abstain
Rep. Donald Young [R, AK-0] Aye
Rep. Todd Young [R, IN-9]

I am writing you to express my dismay at your vote concerning The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2012.  Your main purpose in Congress, as stated by your Oath of Office was to protect the Constitution and the rights of the citizens of this nation.  Your AYE vote on this Bill is blatantly just the exact opposite.  While the poorly crafted language is seemingly aimed at persons inside the United States who are aiding identified terrorist organizations, the language is purposely vague so that it could be interpreted in very broad terms and conditions which can be “cherry picked” and used against the citizenry in most draconian ways.  This Bill effectively tears up the intent of The Bill of Rights as written by our Founding Fathers.  You know this and you still voted in favor of passage of this Constitution crushing legislation.  In my opinion, you are unfit to serve because you willingly violated your oath of office and violated the rights of the citizens of Washington State.  I will not in any way shape or form, support you in your upcoming election.  In fact I think you should be recalled immediately.  I anticipate that your response to this letter will include your rational for this betrayal to your oath and to the citizens you were supposed to represent.  In that light, it will be shallow and not acceptable as usual.



Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding military detention.  It is good to hear from you.  As you know, in the aftermath of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Bush administration devised a new detention system outside of established legal structures of the U.S. criminal justice system and military courts-martial. Through legislation and a series of high-profile Supreme Court rulings, both Congress and the federal judiciary took action to clarify and limit parts of the Bush administration’s detention programs.  Although President Obama has taken some important steps toward the fair and humane treatment of detainees, I believe much more work has yet to be done. I continue to support closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay and the ability of the Administration to try terror suspects in the U.S. federal court system.  The federal courts are well-equipped to handle these complex and difficult cases—since 2006, federal courts have successfully tried over 300 terrorism suspects while military commissions have tried only three.  I strongly support giving our military and intelligence agencies the tools they need to protect our nation and our service members. I understand some evidence against detainees may be too sensitive to national security to be presented in civilian court or may be tainted due to harsh interrogation techniques.  Right now, the Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General can decide whether to use a military tribunal or a federal court.  I believe the Obama administration should continue to have the flexibility to decide on a case-by-case basis, and I opposed Republican amendments during consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act that would strip the President of this authority.

Please be assured that I will keep your views on this important topic in mind during the 112th Congress. If you would like to know more about my work in the United States Senate, please feel free to sign up for my weekly updates at Thank you again for contacting me and please keep in touch.

Patty Murray
United States Senator

(my comment; You see, she does not care about the Bill of Rights)

UPDATED 121911

Lawmaker obtains commitment to revisit detainee language


February 14, 2012

Thank you for contacting me about Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  It is an honor to represent the people of Southwest Washington, and it is important for me to hear from folks in our region.

I certainly understand your concerns about Sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA and how these sections impact our civil liberties and Constitutional rights.  I am a firm believer that your federal representative should take a proactive role in preserving your Constitutional rights.

I have not and will not support any legislation that would limit your Constitutional rights or allow American citizens to be detained under military authority and held without due process.  Please let me share with you why I believe the NDAA takes the proper steps to preserve your Constitutional rights and provide the President and our military with the tools they need to combat terrorism.

The NDAA reaffirms that the President may use “all necessary and appropriate force pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF)” against al Qaeda and the Taliban.  The AUMF was authorized following the September 11th terrorist attacks and had not been updated since it was originally sanctioned in 2001.  It is important to provide the President and our military with the resources they need to combat al Qaeda and the Taliban, and this bill accomplishes this goal by reaffirming current laws and without expanding presidential authority.

People had very valid and legitimate concerns about Section 1021 of the NDAA as it relates to the use of force.  Before voting for the NDAA I checked to make sure this legislation will not take away from or infringe upon your Constitutional rights.  The use of force does not apply to U.S. Citizens, in fact Section 1021, Subsection E which explicitly exempts U.S. citizens reads: (e) AUTHORITIES.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to affect existing law or authorities relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident aliens of the United States, or any other persons who are captured or arrested in the United States.

Section 1022 of the NDAA clarifies procedures for how non-U.S. citizens linked to al Qaeda or the Taliban are to be detained.  Evidence must be presented that demonstrates a foreign national’s link to al Qaeda or the Taliban in order for the detainment to be legal. This section clarifies that terrorists apprehended by law enforcement agencies must be held under military custody.  However, Section 1022, Subsection B explicitly exempts U.S. citizens and legal residents.  It reads:(b) APPLICABILITY TO UNITED STATES CITIZENS AND LAWFUL RESIDENT       ALIENS.—

(1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS.—The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States. 

(2) LAWFUL RESIDENT ALIENS.—The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to a lawful resident alien of the United States on the basis of conduct taking place within the United States, except to the extent permitted by the Constitution of the United States.

Our country continues to be under the very real threat of terrorism, and it is important to make sure our military is proper equipped to protect our citizens.  It is equally important for us to take steps to preserve and uphold our Constitutional rights.  The NDAA accomplish both of these goals.

Thank you again for contacting me on this important issue. I invite you to visit my website at for additional information or to sign up to be kept up to date on this important issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.


Jaime Herrera Beutler
Member of Congress

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Farage: What gives you the right to dictate to the Greek and Italian people?

How refreshing; A politician who has the guts to call it like he sees it:

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I regard Dick Morris as one of the most politically astute people on the political scene today.  He was once a Democrat and served in Bill Clintons Administration, but has since seen the light and is now a Conservative who is also very concerned about the path Obama is taking us down.  In this video he explains his theory on what Obama’s plan is.  I think he is right….

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