Tri-Care says I must die

Tri-Care says I must die

As I stated in an earlier post, Military Retirees and Active Duty families are covered by Tri-Care which is the government universal health care that we have to work with.  In this story, treatment is being denied to a little boy who has a genetic problem.  Tri-Care (the bureaucrats determine  IF you get the needed care) are saying that the needed treatment is considered experimental and will not be covered.  The family did some checking with other insurance companies and found 2 that would cover it.  So, if 2 will, why won’t Tri-Care?  The answer is simple.  Money…….  This is a classic example of what we are in for if the Dems get their way on Universal Health Care.  The only difference will be, WE’LL ALL BE IN THIS SITUATION!  LISTEN UP!  Tell your Reps NOT to buy into this period!!! If not, well, I guess you’ll get the care YOU deserve.  I for one, being already in this type of system, will so many others joining my ranks, I’ll never get the care I need either…..Don’t believe me?……….I reserve the right to say “I told you so”……  Click the Pic to go to the story.

  1. #1 by Dean on 05/08/2009 - 2:06 am

    What a bunch of crap!!

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